$14,539.77. Professional Clarinets. While studying classical clarinet, Mahall shifted towards…, Born in Tavistock, Devon in 1944, composer/multi-instrumentalist John Surman is one of the key figures in a generation of European musicians who…, Louis Sclavis (b. Lyon, France, February 2, 1953) is a French musician. Now I am looking at getting back into playing. He performs on clarinet, bass clarinet, and saxophones in a variety of…, Recorded on March 18, 1964--more than two weeks prior to the April 4 Town Hall concert that launched a historic European tour--this concert…, Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1969, James Carter began playing saxophone at age 11, first recorded with a Detroit student ensemble in 1986 and, by…. Probably one of the most recognizable jazz musicians in Europe…, Richard Gavin Bryars (born 1943) is an English composer and double bassist. For professional playing, the Selmer Paris Model 67 Professional Low C Bass Clarinet is an exceptional choice. Check out over 100 of Tom's FREE educational videos on youtube . Easier to Use: Single piece body and low Eb on the body tube mean no keys... Selmer Paris has a long history of creating the highest quality professional clarinets. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. The core of the band is: Born in Ulm, Germany in 1957, Michael Riessler studied clarinet and received music degrees at the academies for music in Cologne and Hanover,…. Its members are Cornelius Boots, Sheldon Brown, Scott Hill,…, A tremendous roar of life. Michel Portal is a french saxophonist and clarinetist. He lives in New York.Some of…. $2,295.00. Simple and heart-wrenching. It can be absolutely dizzying to sort through it all. Amati Bass Clarinets; Antigua Bass Clarinets; Buffet Bass Clarinets; John Packer Bass Clarinets; Jupiter Bass Clarinets; Selmer Bass Clarinets; Contra Clarinets; A Clarinets. Each tonehole undercut is individually shaped for a beautifully balanced, remarkably … 5) Yamaha YCL-622II bass clarinet. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. I used to play the clarinet, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, and contra bass clarinet. The Bass Clarinet is one of the larger, deeper members of the clarinet family. Let us know what you think of the Last.fm website. Used (Low C ) Professional Bb Bass Clarinet Hard Bakelite With nickel plating. This clarinet is well-known for its consistent intonation and rich tone. This wooden Eb Bass Clarinet is ideal for any player, from beginner to professional . This instrument easily projects through any string section or concert band with its big, focused sound that ranges to low C. The Yamaha YCL-621 Low Eb … Lucien Dubuis' music is the result of new definitions, new horizons. One of the most impressive features that you can find in this musical instrument is … The Low C Privilege features silver-plated nickel silver key work, silver-plated brass bell, and stainless steel needle springs. He grew up in Berkeley and studied with Catherine Murray…. It is keyed in Bb, an octave below the Bb soprano clarinet. I acquired this from an estate of a family whom the player had passed away. The clarinet is in good condition. Eric Allan Dolphy (June 20, 1928 – June 29, 1964) was a jazz musician who played alto saxophone, flute and bass clarinet and was educated at Los… Grenadilla Wood Buffet R13 Professional Bb Clarinet - New Pads - Serial # 272928 Late 80s Series Buffet Paris R13 Clarinet with New Pads - Serial # 301589 $2,450.00 Online store features quality saxophones, clarinets, mouthpieces, reeds & accessories. Edmund Welles is a bass clarinet quartet from San Francisco, California, United States. 2. Yamaha YCL-255 Bb Clarinet. Born on nov. 2, 1957 in bad godesberg, germany saxophonist (tenor and soprano), bass clarinetist, bass flutist and composer gebhard ullmann…, Let us know what you think of the Last.fm website. Alto Clarinets; Bass Clarinets. Bass Clarinets Whether you are looking for a great playing student bass clarinet, an affordable Low C Bass Clarinets (such as our Kessler Custom) or the world’s finest with the Selmer Privilege or the Buffet Tosca, we can help! This beautiful instrument is designed to meet the needs of a professional but is affordable for the advanced student or hobbyist. The Leblanc L7168 Bass Clarinet shares the same playing characteristics as model L7166 but has the low Eb key... An excellent professional instrument, the Buffet Prestige Bass Clarinet is one of the most popular choice for... Greenline woodwind instruments are the result of years of research and development by Buffet Crampon to create... © Copyright 2021 Pro Winds. Yamaha YCL-622II Low C Professional Bass Clarinet $9,259.99. Buffet Crampon& Cie a Paris Professional Bass Clarinet C Wooden Serial# 21686 This auction is for the pictured Buffet Crampon& Cie a Paris Professional Bass Clarinet C Wooden Serial# 21686 in case. Around 1836, Adolph Sax, inventor of the saxophone, innovated design for the instrument that has carried into the modern-day. YCL-621 The finest Grenadilla wood goes into this professional's favorite. (born January 26, 1948 in Osaka) is a critically acclaimed, award-winning Japanese jazz pianist and composer. The Low C Privilege features... $14,663.00. Leblanc Model L60 Grenadilla Professional Bass Clarinet SN 0596J OPEN BOX . Bennie Maupin (born 29 August 1940) is a Detroit jazz multireedist. Selmer Bb Bass Clarinet Outfit. The build, quality, components and tone of the instrument generally justify the asking price, but of course it depends on who you ask. After many hours of practice and performances, many clarinet players seek to find a professional model to suit their needs. Connect your Spotify account to your Last.fm account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. RMS Select Buffet Bass Clarinets All RMS bass clarinets are hand-selected at Buffet and are professionally set up by Alcides Rodriguez. Jupiter JBC1000N Bass Clarinet 3.9 out of 5 stars 4. C $3,994.67 +C $93.24 shipping. Volapük is the latest avant-garde band of the French drummer Guigou Chenevier. Make Offer - Leblanc Model L60 Grenadilla Professional Bass Clarinet SN 0596J OPEN BOX . Pro level bass clarinets can cost thousands of dollars and in some cases, $10,000 and up. The rich warm sound of Grenadilla wood is extended to low C on this top-of-the-line bass clarinet. $2,999.00 +$70.00 shipping. An interesting fact about the bass clarinet is that it … Besides, they require very little maintenance, unlike their wooden counterparts which have to be maintained often due to the fact that wooden clarinets contracts and expand in response to … Volumes Four and Five can now be purchased on our website. Make Offer - Selmer Bb Bass Clarinet … Ensuring pads are sealing properly (reseating or replacing as needed) Evening out key tensions and adjusting key heights From affordable priced professional Bb clarinets to the some of the most elite instruments available, Woodwind and Brasswind has clarinets designed to meet the needs of the professional musician. Sound engineers who have worked with Avid Awake - Read Reviews, Listen to Samples, Search by Budget, Credits, Genre and more. Bigger than the regular Bb clarinet by a considerable amount, the bass clarinet is an amazing instrument for music production. Aki Takase (高瀬 アキ?) It also features the Henri Selmer Paris Focus mouthpiece. Early versions of the bass clarinet were made beginning in the mid 18 th century. Yamaha takes their professional level clarinet and adapts it … Either way, here are some pro level bass clarinets for your consideration. J&D Hite Professional - $109.95 (Classical) Jody Jazz Jet - $229.00 (Jazz) Clarinet: Vandoren B45 - $114.99 (Used available for less.) Review of Lyrique clarinets by Leslie Craven, principal clarinet Orchestra of Welsh National Opera. The Buffet Crampon 1180 student bass clarinet was entirely redesigned to offer young students and amateur players an... An excellent professional instrument, the 1183 Bass Clarinet is equally well suited for the concert band or the... Buffet Crampon, with a dedicated strategy for the continued development and improvement of their instrument range,... Sign Up for our Newsletter to Receive 10% off and Special Promotions, Keilwerth Professional Soprano Saxophones, P. Mauriat Professional Soprano Saxophones, Theo Wanne Professional Soprano Saxophones, John Packer Professional Tenor Saxophones, Keilwerth Professional Baritone Saxophones, P. Mauriat Professional Baritone Saxophones, Trumpet/Cornet/Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Pouches. A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. While he is considered a jazz musician, he is stylistically very adventurous, having recorded…, Charles Gayle (born February 28, 1939) is a free jazz saxophonist, pianist, bass clarinetist, and percussionist. Simultaneously modern and…. Free shipping. Yamaha professional bass clarinets, all of which are meticulously crafted by hand, give you a rich, warm sound with powerful projection and extremely accurate intonation. Bass clarinet: Sebastián TozzolaThanks for watching!If you are interested in performing this piece, please write directly to the composer. Intermediate Clarinets; Professional Clarinets. I quit for awhile and had a family. Leave feedback. Selmer (Paris) "Privilege" Bass Clarinet - Low C. Selmer Paris has a long history of creating the highest quality professional clarinets. Yamaha YCL-255 Student Bb Clarinet. Even just in one particular brand, there can be so many different models of professional clarinets that its amazing anyone can figure out what to buy! Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Leblanc Model L60 Grenadilla Professional Bass Clarinet SN 4386J OPEN BOX . Buffet Professional Clarinets; Selmer Professional Clarinets; Specialty Clarinets. I prefer to play the bass clarinet or the contra. Bass Clarinet Website Author of the Symphonic Repertoire for the Bass Clarinet series Master the Repertoire. Vandoren M30 - $114.99 Chedeville Elite F0-F5 (Available Through Special Order) - $450 J&D Hite Professional (Bass Clarinet) - $109.95 Professional clarinets made with ABS plastic designs are equally good but they don’t have that warmer sound and rich tone produce by woody clarinets, although some are very close or even better. Most of the players opt for the bass clarinet after trying out the regular one. Eric Allan Dolphy (June 20, 1928 – June 29, 1964) was a jazz musician who played alto saxophone, flute and bass clarinet and was educated at Los…, David Murray (Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet) was born in Oakland, California in 1955. The student bass clarinet has evolved. Make Offer - Leblanc Model L60 Grenadilla Professional Bass Clarinet SN 4386J OPEN BOX . Nothing beyond normal wear and tear. There is some oxidation inside the neck and some very minor scratches in the wood. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Yinfente Professional Bass clarinet Lo… Endpin is not included. Get the guaranteed lowest prices, largest selection and free shipping on most Professional Bb (B Flat) Clarinets at Musician's Friend. Check out over 100 free clari-educational videos by Tom on youtube. This can be considered as a professional quality low C bass clarinet that is available in the market for you to purchase. Just looking for some recommendations as to what professional bass or contra bass clarinet I should buy. When it comes to professional clarinets, there are many brands and models and options to choose from. Bb Bass Clarinet. Michel Pilz is a German jazz musician, well known for his bass-clarinet playing. Rudi Mahall (born 1966 in Nürnberg, Germany) is a contemporary jazz bass clarinetist. The Selmer Paris Model 67 and Model 47 are just two of the deluxe models available for seasoned pros. $2,089.00. The Yamaha YCL255 is modeled after Yamaha’s professional clarinets, and has a good tone even though it is made of ABS, which makes it lightweight and durable. Buffet Crampon Tosca Bass Clarinet 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. He has been active in (or has produced works in) many varied styles…, Don Byron (b.1958) is a U.S. composer and clarinettist. He is also a film composer. Made with the highest quality of materials, fine-tuned intonation and wooden elements, these professional models easily help produce a warm sound. C … The CL3511 is quickly gathering praise from Band Directors, students and woodwind doublers. Buffet Crampon Tosca Bass Clarinet CALEFAX IS NOMINATED FOR THE AMSTERDAM AWARD 2009, Having played over 600 concerts in 20 countries, reed quintet CALEFAX…. He performs on saxophones, flute and bass clarinet. Selmer Paris has a long history of creating the highest quality professional clarinets. Volumes Four and Five: Transposed Orchestra Parts for the Bass Clarinet were tested by over 52 professional bass clarinetists at orchestras from around the world.
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