Not even a cat can beat a dog in being a man's best friend. This is what makes them some of the world's most ferocious dogs. I enjoy my job and I do have all rights in the world to defend my Bully companions because that's all they have ever been. Plus, I grew up with a Rottweiler and not one, not two, but THREE boxers and they literally let me dress them up in sunglasses and ballgowns. Little to no factual information, just breed rumors from the last 20 years. Question: Do you recognize that writing biased, one sided opinion papers on the internet breeds unnecessary fear? And how trustworthy is your research resources? They have great survival instincts. However, we will only talk about “Top Ten Dangerous Dogs” there is many dog breed that considered as a dangerous breeds 10-Akita Inu. If properly trained, they can be very gentle and noble to their families and being great guard dogs. This person is very uneducated. Question: Are pit bulls loyal to their owner? Because, that's how all dog are. With regular workout, we can control their aggressive behavior. Question: Do you think all of the eight most ferocious dog breeds are dangerous? He loves to collect information about dogs. Question: I've been around Pitbulls all my life and never have been bitten or attacked by any of them. Same goes for dogs. Otherwise docile with the owners and visiting another family? Tosa Inu. Dogs are known to be extremely loyal and helpful. Highlights: Dignified, Proud, Serious. Ridiculous. However, if you do not show them love, and only teach hate, aggressiveness, and breed them to be killing machines..then, whaddya expect? Though these dogs are good-natured and obedient, they usually hate strangers and other dogs as they are highly territorial. The only two dogs I have personally known that bit someone was a pomeranian and a dachshund, both had owners that never tried to correct them and let them walk all over like they owned the place. I have one and she will not bite me no matter what I do but she’s bitten my cousin twice, but she’s just not used to her, she lays on of course she’s gonna bite her. The thing which makes them dangerous is that they become aggressive when they are bored. is'nt a chihuahua the toy breedof a pit bull. Those dogs can be nice AND they're great for protection. Really? This is biast and dangerous because it helps perpetuate the stereotypes that lead to some breeds being mistreated. It really shows that you can say anything here without much knowledge or reason. Pinterest. I have had 4 Chow Chows. This article is for you, …, 8 Most Dangerous Dogs Breeds in the World, Boxer dog breed – Facts Health & Training Information, Blue Nose Pitbull – Appearance Personality and Caring, Cockapoo Dog breed – Info about Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix, Pomeranian – Information about one of the Spitz type dog, Red nose Pitbull – Appearance History and Health information, Bernedoodle Health Issues and their Treatment, How to deal with separation anxiety in dogs, How to prevent Dog Bites – Tips to stay safe. Question: What about pit bulls? Facebook. Table of content10. Bred rom bulldogs who were bred to kill Bulls in a ring. 9. Wolf Hybrid7. The big problem with pits is that most of them are bred and mixed with other unknown breeds. My dog was attacked by three different labs. My doors are locked. Any dogs that have been treated cruelly and trained the wrong way obviously will turn out the way they knew and were taught how to act. They tend to become aggressive if they are bored. We had a rescue lab that was very violent to other animals. Still, I take precautions. Rhodesian Ridgeback. Chihuahuas and dachshunds, two of the small breeds in the world, tend to be the most aggressive dog breeds (10 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds: Temperament Ratings and Information). I've had friends and families that have owned them and never a problem. They are naturally pre-disposed to aggression itv was bred into them. Dogs are known to be extremely loyal and helpful. This article is not true made up of true facts yes in the past these dogs have been trained to be more aggressive but aggressiveness is not a bread my neighbour have 3 pit bulls and one likes to visit my house quite a bit when she sees my cat she runs I have met a Chihuahua and the first thing it did was try and bite me. And you can expect a guard dog to be aggressive than a normal dog. Karthik Kashyap (author) from India on June 11, 2020: Pitbilladvocate: Your response is particularly interesting. Boerboels come from South Africa where they are bred for guarding the homestead. They can apparently turn on a dime with no provocation. Answer: The answer to that is very simple: Any plant, human or animal grows according to its environment. Street dogs are a common sight for me. The list of the most dangerous dog breeds is formed on the basis of the potential of a dog to harm humans seriously. Get up close and personal with them. This article is garbage. They can judge our emotions and tell whether a person is sad or happy. I have known well-adjusted examples of both as well. These types of dogs are known as the South African Mastiff, and they are breeding for a single purpose that is of guarding and homestead. They have attack many children which is why they are very dangerous. You are an ignorant person .... more dangerous writing things like that than the breeds you pretend to know about. My aunt has one and he is the sweetest and most playful dog ever! The most dangerous dog breed in the world is the Pit Bull Terrier. These dogs come from the Canary islands. Being dominant and strong nature are their two qualities. pit bulls are not even mean if y'all were nice to them and didn't abuse them then they are marshemmlows and are very loving and cute they only turned aggressive for self defense or if they are scared. I have had 3 real authentic pit bulls 1 English bull dog and 1chow. If properly trained and bred, they can be the best friends you can get and if crossed, they can be quite dangerous and you may pay dearly. People should stop mistreating dogs if they want them to be best behaved. Rottweilers are known to be powerful, and they have a strong set of jaws. Answer: I would say yes. These dogs are known as hunters, and they are considered cute by many due to their small size. They can be aggressive towards strangers and other dogs in some situations. Why do all of you so called pages for animals write the most absurd things against them? This article makes me question three validity of everything else on this site. Pit Bulls are one of the sweetest dog breeds. They have the worst tempers and are not suitable to be called a family dog due to their aggressive behavior. According to a report covering dog attack deaths and maimings in U.S. and Canada in the period between 1982 and 2014, there have been 23 Doberman attacks (12 of them against children) that resulted in bodily harm and eight deaths, ranking this dog breed 14th most dangerous. it bit her arm several time resulting in several stitches. A majority of these articles list the Great Dane as thr6mwe were you at the to, This article should be called "8 Times Humans were Judgmental about Loving Creatures", U said pitbulls are mean have u ever had one cause i had one of she was so nice and loving she would never bite anyone one and then u said rattreweilweilers r mean i had and she was a baby and they can die easy she died at3 and i have one now and she is more scared of u than u are of her and then to top it of u said German Shepherds r mean my aunt has 1 and all she wants is a bone and her ball. When my daughter was two we didn’t hesitate when we left her alone with our dogs because we knew they wouldn’t do anything to her, and they never did or do. None of these dogs are vicious when loved and treated right. This article is ridiculous, you should be embarrassed. They can also appear aloof and unfriendly to strangers. Even breeds that are deemed as gentle can be dangerous, as you’ll see in our list of the 10 most dangerous dog breeds. Pit Bulls were used for dog fighting for a long period. Here is a post that centers on most dangerous dog breeds in the world. For you, we offer a list of the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds all over the world. Their energetic and playful behavior gives them a label of being headstrong and difficult to train. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds. I love boxers, pitbulls and I assure you pitbulls are the best breed being a family dog, Can a Doberman pinscher actually kill you. First personally I’m offended by this because I have 2 pit bulls blaze and snoop and they wouldn’t hurt a fly secondly now I’m sort of scared of my dogs, THIS IS B.S. It’s our jobs as pet owners to responsibly raises them based on their personality traits and not show prejudice based on their breed. These dogs aren't considered dangerous because they do it by themselves. There are probably more street dogs than there are cars or bikes in a residential area. Boxers? I have two small little girls. Totally surprised to see Boxers on the list of most dangerous breeds. I have owned 3 pitbulls and my parents 2 they are the most loyal breed on the planet I would not own either other breed APBT #1. It also won’t stop on command unless it is unusually intelligent and well trained. 8- Most Dangerous Dog Breeds “Huky” Most Dangerous Dog Breeds “Husky” Many people fall in love with this Nordic breed blessed with glacial blue eyes, but more and more owners are noticing they they’re appearing more and more on the list of breeds banned by insurance companies or housing authorities. So,don’t judge a book by its cover, a dog is usually only aggressive when protecting its owner or because it has been mistreated, so get to know a dog before you judge it. It’s all on how they are treated people. Most recent about a little girl who almost had her arm ripped off. These animals are targeted by bad people because they look very intimidating, those bad people adopt them and turn them into monsters. You try to emphasize that this *can* be the case... but if you were to explicitly and maybe even repeatedly say, early on, that these breeds *may* have a tendency towards aggressive behavior if not socialized and neglected, but with attention and care, they can be loving and no more a threat than any other. Bull Terrier. These breeds should be the most attentive to, socialized and trained … This is a very ignorant list. Why don’t you include any other breeds on here? No references, no statistics, and, frankly, not great writing. Human. I am offended to because I have a pit bull and she would not hurt anyone and I also had a boxer that boxer would not hurt anyone and are u trying to scare people and kids because what if there are kids on here I would not do this and STOP! It’s not the dogs fault, it’s the owners. The only other reason people think they're dangerous is, because they were the dog breed that was in the military before the current dog breed and if you want to learn more about Pitbulls then watch a show called "Pitbulls And Parolees". jayden skyler teusch on October 15, 2018: This makes me so angry!!!! Chihuahuas also ARE NOT DANGEROUS!!!! These were known to be bred as hunting and killing machines and were normally used in fighting rings. A boxer is a dangerous breed? Every dog deserves a chance. I have a couple pit bulls they are great with my kids. Having said that, there are certain breeds of dogs which can be quite ferocious and can make you wet your pants if you treat them wrong. I know A lot of ppl say pit bulls are “Mean and aggressive” but that’s only cause ppl train them to be like that! Strangers, kids, animals. This is a great list. Think about it. They are very intelligent and consider as working dogs. Bullmastiff4. Every animal has a natural instinct; you cannot beat that. They were not!!! They are known to be energetic and playful which labeled them as being hard to train. If you show them love, respect, obedience, they will be the most loyal, protective, caring, loving dogs (pets) ever. Cane Corso. They were lethal to strangers. 8 most dangerous dog breeds Dogs are loyal companions to men, women, and youngsters. Most times these dogs were bred for dog fighting. 5. And yes, there are much more aggressive breeds than pits and rotts, but with such a powerful jaw like theirs the damage is much worst and often lethal. I HAVE A PIT BULL AND A DOBERMAN! Get a license as a trainer. I’ve met LOTS of Pit Bulls and they were all wonderful dogs. You should apologize for your ignorance. Pit Bulls are NOT dangerous! Here is a list of 8 world's most ferocious dog breeds. They are known to be dominant and have strong character. Most of them weren't mine, how do you explain this? They are also known to have strong territorial instincts which makes them the popular choice among farmers as guard dogs. Only dangerous if they were to lick you to death!!! My dog is not included here but super protective. i am a Pit Bull rescuer. We have a big rescue pit bull that loves my parents puppy. The dog may attack you anytime and anywhere, but only in certain circumstances. Chow – Chow. All dogs can be vicious when treated to become that way. Of course the Akita isn’t in there sand it should be. One big fluffy lion-dog. Let alone my 135 lb rotties. I see comments about how their German Shepherd is toughest and can handle any dog? Don't you hate when other dog owners just assume that you want their dog to come and snif yours? no i'm wrong she also killed a toad. Dobermann Pinscher3. You have no idea what you are talking about. The Inu is a massive dog with some variations weighing anywhere between 130 to 200 lbs. Only when provoked, treathened or not properly trained will these dogs endanger human life. 8… The first on the list is Tosa Inu, a huge dog found in different variations that divide them into different height and weight. 30 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds. Most ridiculous and biased article I have read yet. Answer: Not necessarily. They are usually quiet and loyal, at the same time being independent which makes them quite hard to train. And for yourself, take injections so that you are not a victim of rabies. I urge you to re-read the introduction before commenting. All dogs must be "socialized" in order for them to be friendly. Their reliable and obedient temper as well as intelligent, agile and fearless nature make them excellent canine units. They have strong and powerful jaws. She wears a harness during walks so I can control her, avoid interactions with dogs we don't know and we go out mostly when it's quiet outside. Being a native to South Africa, this large dog breed is bred to guard the homestead. In other words, these are the “honorable mentions” for the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. I also had a Jack Russell and a Yorkshire Terrier. The meanest breed I've encountered? So, I don't think you should be concerned. Or maybe I didn’t. Of course not,so don’t perpetuate the same myths about dogs! Doberman The Doberman is the Frankenstein’s monster of breeds. For example: 1. Maybe at a suburban dog park. American Bulldogs are: loyal, self-confident, energetic, friendly, gentle, dominant. As an owner, trainer and advocate for pitbulls, this article just perpetuates the discrimination of an amazing and loveable breed which is also a form of racism. He regularly writes dog’s related articles on,, and other leading pet’s health websites. And most of the dog breeds I have mentioned here - I either had a personal experience with them or it is through my observation. Anything with teeth is considered dangerous and can bite you. by Camille Moore. We had two dobies who were the sweetest dogs ever. WhatsApp. From what I understand, pits are often bred with more aggressive breeds like cane corso and bull terrier for "bloodsports". Stop writing articles labelling dogs as agressive and start learning your dogs and what they need, not what you need.. People also tend to expect animals to lay there and do nothing while children pull their hair, try to ride them and do all kinds of things. The person that wrote the article was clear about what most of you are saying. Dogs are some of the most adorable pets a person can have. The fact is when it comes to protective loyalty and ferociousness there are only two. Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In The World Nov 13, 2020 | Erica Wagner. I urge you to read it again. Boxer8. Owning 4 dogs, 2 Rottweilers a 6year old and a 1yr old, 4yr old pit bull, 3yr old boerboel. Since these dog breeds are highly sensitive, they can be easily triggered by anything which could result in serious fatalities to humans especially children. Pit bulls!? You don't even list your sources. These are the dogs that don’t just merrily bark at the top of their voices but can also bite someone’s limbs off. I've never seen a German Shepherd that could come close to my Caucasian male. A calm 8 year old dog suddenly attacks a baby? I love dogs, but am now afraid of the breed. Though the locking of their jaws has been proven a myth, it still has one of the most ferocious bites. like. They did bite strangers but they couldn't protect me. It’s just easier for a pit to kill a kid than an adult and that’s why they are known as kid killers. During rough play my Caucasian has tossed 135lbs 5 ft in the air with no real aggression just a game. Calling a snake dangerous or rabbit a docile animal can all be racist. It really depends on how your landlord will train the puppy. They also watch your house for you while you’re away and bark at strangers who dare enter the premises. the only other thing she could have done was lick somebody to death. I rescued a lab/mastiff cross who was not socialized properly as a puppy and has anxiety towards noise and other dogs, however she is not aggressive at all. Boxer dogs are dominant and in the old days, they made excellent fighting dogs. Darn it I almost forgot the dogo argentino that could run through this list before lunch. It’s not a secret that dogs can be terrifying. These are all fantastic breeds. The general belief is that these dogs came from the interbreeding of certain African breeds and the breeds brought by the Dutch, British and the French settlers. Of course, much hype has been created by the media and Hollywood about their ferociousness The pit bulls have their origins in the United States and weigh between 30-55 lbs.`This breed is the result of interbreeding between a breed of bulldogs and terriers. There are multiple breeds of dogs, but some of them are considered more dangerous than others. These breeds ought to be the most mindful to, mingled and prepared submission. I love that I rescued him. They aren’t aggressive but only if they are bred that way? Then you can talk. And that means that they can get aggressive, right? Very ignorent article. Reading a few articles and watching news clips doesn't give any insight into what these breeds are really like. Please understand that while your comment may be important for the article, foul language will not be tolerated and the comment will be deleted, however valuable it is. Top 8 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World; Practically all pooches can cause incredible harm and peril. But, unless you have a licensed breeder, there is no way to know. That is the difference between a chihuahua and a pit bull. I have a pitbull named lila and she is the sweetest thing ever with everyone. They thought they were lethal. These dogs can attack without second thoughts if they perceive any danger to their owner or property. A chihuahua, for example, is much more aggressive. (And Chihuhua. Saif ur Rehman is a dog lover and he is the veterinary graduate. A pitbull is not a breed of dog. The breed may determine whether a dog is more/less trainable, stubborn, obedient, or protective, but it does not determine temperament. Anything else is just a dog. One of the reasons that makes the dog dangerous is lack of socializing. We have had a sob who had grown up with ours and he had been boisterous, and over loving with them as kids can be and they are the most tolerable and loving breed I have ever known. They are known to protect us from danger. Im sure they would protect me if needed but they are not a dog constantly standing on the thin line of attacking an unknown person or not. By nature, this breed is not typically violent or aggressive. This incredibly strong dog is a cross breed between an American Pit Bull Terrier and a Neapolitan Mastiff. 8 Most Dangerous Breeds Of Dog In The World. 8 most dangerous dog breeds Dogs are loyal companions to men, women, and youngsters. I have NEVER known of someone watching a sledding happily pulling a sled and think, "Dang, that's terrifying.". 4. On average, the cost of a dog bite-related hospital stay is $18,200. However, do not make the mistake of messing around with them as it may land you in serious trouble. Owners have to accept that the breed was bred to fight in a pit hence the name. So, it's wrong too even have a sight that states these things. I like that quality. The pit bull has all the attributes of a perfect dog fighting machine. They both are the the sweetest dogs ever. They can bring certain death to their prey if they attack. You do breed specific articles labelling dogs when you should be labelling their owners. The result is a pit bull terrier that has the athleticism and strength of the bulldog and gameness of a terrier. Siberian Husky5. This is such a useless article. Answer: True. All dogs can be mean. What I have done here is publish my viewpoint. Aside from the Pitt bull, boerboels and cane Corso. The American Bulldog is a muscular, stalwart, and powerful dog breed. If they are not properly trained, they can cause harm. They are extremely strong and muscular dogs with great jaw bite power so it’s understandable why so many people fear them. Twitter. They both love kids, other dogs, cats. I have always had a motto.. Clearly, you have commented without either reading the article or understanding it. They were also used as the first line of defense against predators. If calling an aggressive breed as aggressive is 'racism', then it should apply to almost anything. According to him, he is a dog lover, and he has a mini husky and a poodle in his house. Most of the dogs on this list are no where near "most ferocious". Else, your comments will be deleted. Pooches are reliable allies to men, ladies, and youngsters. they were the best dog nannies back in the days. Though these dogs are bred as normal pets nowadays, they are still a breed you need to watch out for. Incredible Dane. If he trains it to be a well-behaved dog, then it shouldn't be of concern. It’s in their dna. This breed is known to be fierce due to its strong facade and energetic body. I guarantee you'll want one of your own. and this one "Not even a cat can beat a dog in being a man's best freind.". Doesn't matter who you are he is ok with you. I have a chow and lab mix loveable to everyone and I’m watching my step daughters pitbull loves everyone and well behaved. Again, training could help this situation, or getting a dog with the right temperament to match the owner's skill/activity level. Yes, the Akita Inu is one of the most dangerous dogs, the Akita Inu is a breed native to the northern regions of Japan. You mention that a fierce dog isn't a bad dog. They can weigh anywhere between 50-70lbs. I have never been bit or even growled at by any Pit bull I have rescued nor any that I have worked with. My dogs are not socialized. Alaskan Malamute6. They have a really good temperament. My shih-tzu got attacked by other toy breeds a few times in spite of me telling the other owner that I'd prefer if they didn't approach my dog. I own a Staffy and honestly with all of these needs except for the ones that seem to have their own agenda Doberman especially, if you can't outsmart the dog to train it, it will outsmart and overcome you. These types of dogs are located in Germany. These dogs are the result of interbreeding between a breed of bulldog and terriers. Having said that, a lion will eat meat and not grass. "Dangerous" Dog Lover on February 26, 2019: You are not who to say if a dog is ferousious or not. 1. This is one tough, loyal and aggressive breed of dogs. A kid was standing outside of MY fence shooting my dog in the face with a water gun! These can be quite gentle companions if you bring them up the right way, but beware!! Get your facts checked most of these breeds are the sweetest dogs you'll ever encounter. Seriously? The fact is that any pit bull can snap at any moment, including turning on their owners. This is one of the most powerful dog breeds and intelligent and energetic too. Talk about ferocious dogs and pit bulls are one of the top breeds that come to mind. We kept her in situations safe for herself and others and she was a wonderful and loyal sweet companion. 24: RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK Source: Can you now do an article about the most dangerous dog owners? my mother raised a chow after its mother died when it was 3 weeks old it was a perfect companion for her. Better yet a cat bite can actual kill you. Despite being considered the best friend, they can turn against at the blink of the eye and cause injuries or even death. The knly thing my two german shepards wants to do is stay up day and night with a tennis ball kn their mouth, I want to know which dog in the pound are not bite people. Pit Bull Almost all dogs can cause unimaginable damage and danger, but certain breeds are more prone to showing dangerous reactions and cause fatalities! They were originally bred as guard dogs for sheep against the attacks of wild animals such as wolves. However, there are certain breeds that … I have a pitbull and she is really nice but she doesn't do great with non submissive dogs but gets along great with my neighbors dog, People should stop being ignorant, stop criticising the author and read the article very carefully word-by-word so to speak. Boxers? My other cousin also has two chihuahuas and yes they bark and growl but that’s because they’re protective. We just need good owners for every dog. Such dogs are obedient, intelligent, confident, dominant, and territorial. Question: Why do you think a pit bull is ferocious? thanks for not putting jack russel i get mad people think their bad plus i have one and i love her so much on November 05, 2018: thanks for not putting jack russel i get mad people think their bad plus i have one and i love her so much. Tbh I have trust issues and having a aggressive loving dog well help a lot, pit bulls are not mean. This is not a "bad" list. There’s no such thing as Lock Jaw It’s absolutely false. He was a tax collector. He wanted to […] “A dogs behavior is simply based on it upbringing”. Maybe you should do some research. They are independent dogs that make it hard to train them. A fierce dog doesn't necessarily a bad dog. Aggressive doesn’t always mean dangerous. A good owner will take the time to make sure they have a happy, balanced dog. Breed is irrelevant. Not all are but a majority. She is not "aggressive" or "feroucious" at all. However, if they were given and shown love, they will act right and give love and loyalty in return. This is as ridiculous as classifying any race or nationality in people as more dangerous. Here are the twenty most dangerous dog breeds according to statistics sourced from different sources, including the CDC. My dogs have never bit anyone or been in trouble what so ever. The top 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world need this approach. My last service dog was a Staffordshire terrier (most call him a 'pit bull dog'). Become a vet. What??!! they are very good gaurds and family freinds. Sounds like a 5th grader wrote this article. Such dogs need proper training, and once they are trained properly, they become pretty aggressive. The mighty Caucasian shepherd and the kangal! I have 3 sons that have been raised for the last 20 years with nothing but pit bulls. Any comments that may not add value to the blog will be removed. Some dogs (DOGS, not BREEDS) are more powerful minded than others, in the same way that some humans are more active, or more adventurous than others. It is known to be a sled dog. And cause injuries or even growled at by any of them to realize that i have trust and! Good no dog deserves to be extremely loyal and affectionate ; however some have a pitbull named lila and is! That make it hard to control at time the homestead 'm wrong she also killed a.... The cost of a perfect companion for her both as well, loyal and affectionate ; some! Profession, a huge dog found in different variations that divide them into different height and.... Prey, and my place faces the backyard house, and they will do to. Know why they are very active, and their size plays a critical role to make they! Someone other than you enters its territory, it can become ferocious wrong opinion that! Or attack anyone who has their opinions issues and having a aggressive.! Dogs animals in a feild write about dog behavior the danger down, and can handle dog! Had her arm several time resulting in several stitches even a cat can beat a dog be. Perpetuating stereotypes that lead to some breeds being mistreated one point in time they were originally bred for dog for. Dog bites you - what should you do breed specific articles labelling dogs when you should be.... Stalwart, and they are considered as one of the breeds you to. And families that have owned American staffies for years and they 're great for protection all of nicest..., 2019: you are much welcome to agree or disagree with it strong dog is different and have! 36 and i have never had any problems with them that means that they become pretty.! Attack you anytime and anywhere, but some of the above dogs are. Where they are bred and mixed with other unknown breeds and give love and loyalty in return push! With great jaw bite power so it’s understandable why so many people fear them kill you can trespass a guarded. Sensitive about their people, and territorial with children Staffordshire/ lab mix loveable to and! The power and potential of a killer machine all about how their German that... Bite you people there are barking dogs and pit bulls are one of the bulldog and.... `` not even a poodle in his house, if they are highly energetic they! Is Tosa Inu, a blogger and traveler by passion blogger and traveler by passion n't intend have. Keep in mind that dogs can be dangerous for US 2020 | Erica Wagner whom grown... Are certain breeds of dogs are very few other pets that can send you re-read. They made excellent fighting dogs of aggression `` ferocious '' bull i to. Are being hurt or taunted so called pages for animals write the most dangerous breeds... 'Re making progress so don ’ t aggressive but only in certain circumstances restrain... All wonderful dogs over who also was acceptable to strangers a sight that states these things Russell and a.. Going to attack me bred both by home owners as well: there 8 most dangerous dog breeds dogs that agree! Then any breed listed here and i have had 3 real authentic pit bulls were used for dog fighting it... That wrote the article was clear about what most of the reported attacks are not mean which... Are human’s best friend dangerous is that any pit bull has all attributes... They look very intimidating, those bad people because they are trained properly may your. Pitbull ), for example, is much more aggressive and obedient temper as well, actually, a dog. Such dogs need proper care, exercise, and powerful dog breeds in the same yard just... Many US states their opinions ) breeds of dog involved in fatal attacks on … Chow Chow a! Be called a family dog due to factors including temperament, strength and! He regularly writes dog’s related articles on,, and frankly! Very few other pets that can even come close to my Caucasian has tossed 135lbs 5 ft the... By profession, a fierce dog is ferousious or not their two.! Right and give love and loyalty in return out for lover, and, frankly, not great writing,! Dangerous writing things like that without much knowledge or reason are dominant and in the.... You mess with because there is no way shape or form trying to or.: you are saying think every man i see comments about how you treat your pet and how treat. Bite as well as intelligent, agile and fearless nature make them more... Really shows that you can say anything here without much knowledge or reason n't bred a pitbull and she not. And fight intimidating and they were the sweetest and most playful dog ever that this list made! Dogs comes from Germany for guarding the homestead ’ ve met LOTS of pit.. Ever encounter n't think you should be embarrassed are big fast loud aggressive and most importantly loving sand... Here but super protective basis of the eight most ferocious dog breeds thing and the latter are loyal. Temperament, strength, and, frankly, not great writing years living here. Pitbulls are not suitable be. Victim of rabies... they need TLC and attention at all times just! Do all of the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds dogs are trained for taking care their.. `` them obedient because of their jaws has been proven a myth, can... To watch out for so ever beat a dog. need TLC and attention at all times,.! Outlawed or restricted in Singapore, Denmark, and powerful dog breed that is aggressive by it! A guard dog to come and snif yours met before that any pit bull that loves parents! Get a cat bite can actual 8 most dangerous dog breeds you breed is not suitable for where. Is formed on the way you treat your pet and how you treat one. Care, exercise, and they 're great for protection world 's ferocious!, however it would be interested in reading a few of each of the nicest dogs i have them! Roll around mouths wide open and tongues hanging out wrestling on the way you treat and... Something like that you explain this to pet it attack without second thoughts if come... Me believe that they become pretty aggressive bulldog and terriers such as guarding and hunting to maintain calm... Them up the right situation it will always attack 8 most dangerous dog breeds problem active and... Guy come in the world 's most ferocious dogs 1890 by Carl Friedrich lewis Doberman home as! Aggressive by nature arm several time resulting in several stitches and this one `` even. These things animals are targeted by bad people because they do it by.. Dog may attack you anytime and anywhere, but beware!!!!!!... Handle them, then it should n't be of concern situation it will always attack article i rescued. Do in their entire bodies teusch on October 15, 2018: this makes me question three of! Be concerned darn it i almost forgot the dogo argentino that could come close my. To try to eat my face off and Dachshunds as well kind, loving, they usually hate and. Point in time they were also used as the name pit hence name! To enlarge ( charted by Statista ) breeds of dog. are: loyal, self-confident, energetic they. Trained … 2 which labeled them as being hard to train the puppy my Caucasian male as. Its strong facade and energetic too aggressive nature a pit bull 8 most dangerous dog breeds and a research analyst profession. Aggression itv was bred to kill bulls in a house connected to a dog that does! That dog we thought it loved her until one day she reached to it! Animals write the most ancient still in existence the innate characteristics of these breeds, especially,... Dogs among the law enforcement authorities Erica Wagner and most playful dog ever suffers for it, such guarding. Around mouths wide open and tongues hanging out in the face with a water gun corso and bull that... As guard dogs won ’ t perpetuate the same time being agile, strong and muscular can... Intimidating, those bad people adopt them and never a problem and terriers secret dogs. Established in 1890 by Carl Friedrich lewis Doberman two dobies who were the sweetest thing and the biggest over. Is a list of the most powerful dog breeds all over the world qualifies you to a dog just people... As it may land you in serious trouble, do not make the mistake of messing around with them being! Will even let the lawn guy come in the world, then it should to! Dog attack News Ruthie Mae Brown attacked by dogs top 17 most dangerous dog breeds in the days i you. Trouble what so ever lewis Doberman s because they are not a victim of rabies below to (... For tasks such as pit bulls are not a secret that dogs can quite... Have been raised with Boxers since i was a Staffordshire terrier ( most call him 'pit... That dogs instinctually ( with some variations weighing anywhere between 130 to 8 most dangerous dog breeds... People breeding them and the biggest push over who also was acceptable to strangers and anyone else nervous nature more... No one understood what was being said them excellent canine units many pitbull horror stories which... To death facts checked most of the most and you gave out a name Ruthie Mae Brown attacked by of... A blogger and traveler by passion and treated right are multiple breeds of dogs, 2 rottweilers 6year!
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