Don't be so hard on yourself and let that cold refreshment of that plate of snow be a wake up call to that head of yours for not being confident in yourself. LDW you are so handsome. He's witty and smart. Roseeee Oct 14 2020 8:44 am I hope he and Lee Da Hae will have another romantic drama series. It is hard for me being an American who only learned a few words in the Korean Language but now that my siter got me hooked on the drama's I plan on learning the Korean language as is my sister as well.. We both want to visit S. Korea now and hope to in a few years.... Keep up the good work.. And stay sweet and you will be blessed... Hugs and smiles to you, your new biggest fan.... Hayam Sep 18 2012 4:16 am Ive always been and always will be on your side. I really like " scent of a woman" ! Hi, Im a big fan"""""'Lee dong Wook, Since the first i watch your tv series " My Girl" im very flattered for the excellent story and a very Excellent Actor...You are Amazing...Idol,....Hoping To be Your friend here in the Philippines..Im Hoping also to watch all of your Movies, Drama Series....Godbless you....Keep it up Lee Dong Wook.......... Nicole2014 Aug 01 2014 3:22 am Regz Sep 21 2016 12:16 pm Daisy Jul 15 2014 6:05 am His bubbly personality is what makes him more manly. kare_bear102 May 03 2019 11:04 am Now watching Blade Man and have become fans. Cha Jae Wan (Lee Dong Wook) carries emotional baggage after being abandoned by his father as a child but grows up to become the successful manager of the Hotel Ciel, the only 7-star luxury hotel in Korea. I'm just wondering if you can do action Drama also. Just watched your My girl and it was awesome !! LG Dec 08 2015 9:08 pm Ellen Adarna Is Now in a Good Place, Thank You Very Much. Your such a kind and humble person. ri Oct 23 2020 8:49 pm After watching the two powerful dramas this year so far, IONTBO and Flower of Evil, I also got high expectations of this series, because of the genre, lee dong wook and kim bum ofc!. หน้าแรก > KOREA-Series ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี > Because Lee Dong Wook Wants To Talk > รายการ Because Lee Dong Wook Wants To Talk (อีดงอุค) ซับไทย Ep.1-8 jenny Apr 17 2014 2:01 am Jii Pretty 04 Aug 18 2014 9:06 am They grew up like brother and sister. Good luck for your next drama. Take care and all the best! You are so talented and handsome! Jing er Apr 21 2020 11:29 am You are amazing, I always cry when you're so sad or happy <3 because i can like him, as a 28 years old woman, not a 13 years old girl. window.W4GRB = new Object(); you are the best actor that i have ever seen. your so handsome I hope you and Yoo In Na have your own lead role haha love you. SUZY is a lucky girl to have a BF like u..Congrats for both of u. cerj Jan 19 2018 5:46 pm Tale of the Nine-Tailed Quiz: With the Lee Dong Wook, Kim Bum and Jo Bo Ah starrer ending this week, take this quiz to know if you've paid attention or you have to rewatch the show. Excellent! i hope that you and your love team in my girl will couple in real life ..ilove you ..and i hope you have new drama with Lee never forget the story of MyGirl..until now i always watching..the song are very nice..your perfect couple your #1 fan from philippine ..always take care.. chatrineevania Feb 24 2014 10:50 am I'm from Philippines. you must watch episode 8,,, and ooh i also love fell for kang jun because of what happened. hi dong wook im ur super addict fan from the PHILIPPINES im so happy u have urnew movie with da hae and i hope ur relationship continous for real and end up together like other korean actors and actress who got married recently... love u both, Em Jul 19 2014 12:20 am Visit Preview Magazine's profile on Pinterest. <3. :P Well see you in my vacation ! Hi Lee Dong Wook :)) I admire you so much!! Hope this year will be as successful for you as the last one!! Lee Dong Wook actually looks a lot like John Mayer.. Lyn Nov 12 2020 1:43 am Keep inspiring a lot of people!! He reminds me of Wallace Huo. Lee Dong Wook [ISH] Series All Over Print Tote Bag. Doesn't matter what he is wearing he always looks handsome! He looks so younger in bubblegum.. Diane loise b. Estanislao Oct 14 2015 10:58 am homa Jun 20 2014 1:32 am I really love ur acting,i watched hotel king and that made me to search 4 ur dramas,like my girl,joseon furgitive,i love u and da hae acting together, Sara Feb 07 2015 5:56 pm Lee Dong Wook is so Handsome in angle??? Lee Dong-wook’s full filmography: There’s a World Off the Beaten Path (1999) [Drama] Lee Dong-wook made his acting debut in this one-episode MBC drama special. Are Korean men ashamed of looking Korean? Lee made his acting debut in 1999 in an MBC single-episode drama after winning the grand prize in the V-NESS model contest the same year. I've love all your dramas, and u made me love you even more in Hotel King .. Life (Korean: 라이프; RR: Raipeu) is a 2018 South Korean television series written by Lee Soo-yeon [ko] and directed by Hong Jong-chan [ko], starring Lee Dong-wook, Cho Seung-woo, Won Jin-ah, Lee Kyu-hyung, Yoo Jae-myung and Moon So-ri. He just visit us in Indonesia.. I started watching Scent of a woman on netflix last month (January 2014) you did pretty great. 4.8 out of 5 stars 61. I believe him will carry them all. I Love You Lee Dong Wook, Rosalba Catalano Nov 27 2020 3:45 am Ein the Helpful Ghost Dec 17 2016 9:27 am Hi !! We Tested 2 Popular Lip and Cheek Tints and Found our Fave! Ur funny and serious face drag me so much ㅋㅋㅋㅋ YOU ARE AN EXCELLENT ACTOR, you can act all of characters.. good job!! Shay Fourney May 12 2014 9:03 am Mr Lee, you are trully an wonderful actor who is true to your field, I have seen recent dramas of yours and I specially like hotel king, You were breathtakingly poignant in that drama. waiting for your next project , fighting. What i would give to spend a day with you. He really deserved to be loved.. he is so polite, charming, joyful and kind.. we really proud to be his fans.. please support him as always .. 10 out 10 for you !!! Personal vendettas plague the operations of one of South Korea’s top medical centers when the compassionate emergency medicine specialist Ye Jin-woo butts heads with his hospital’s newly-appointed president. I'm definitely going to check out his earlier work. Wasiatun fauziah Apr 26 2018 8:24 am Lee Min Ho Had To Audition Again After A Decade To Get The Role In "pachinko". :). Hope to see you in more comedies! And actually now. God bless you always. Your character i fall into right away. GET EXCLUSIVE UPDATES AND THE LATEST ON FASHION, BEAUTY, CULTURE & CELEBS! Though I only watched a few of his works he deserves recognition from the industry. hi rhe most handsome actor in korea. A very talented actor. My Girl bercerita tentang kisah cinta Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) yang bermula dari kontrak. Bashsyah! I watched Ur Serial "My Girl". His long, solitary life is shaken up when he eventually crosses paths with Nam Ji Ah, a television producer currently working on a show that investigates urban myths. You were a cute couple with Song Ji Hyo. The upcoming tvN series is an urban fantasy drama which centers on Yi Yeon (Dong-wook), a male gumiho which is a mythical nine-tailed fox settled in … yes, in some ways liking an actor childishly seems cute and makes me feel young again, but i prefer to be an adult. I'm your fan from sri Lanka. We love Blade man. Will watch all his drama now. ? Julia_Sonoro Dec 16 2016 8:21 am Find out the exact designer pieces she wore! You're a great man and actor inside and out. Lee Dong-Wook, Actor: Sseulsseulhago Chalranhashin: Dokkaebi. I really love them both and would be glad to know if theyre in a relationship. ilove you ! Our Grim Reaper, so adorable yet so scary at the same time. They had the great chemistry ?? Since my girl until in goblin. I'm not a Korean but I love watching "Scent of a Woman" in Netflix. Lee Dong Wook is a great actor and absolutely gorgeous. Just discover Lee Dong Wook early this year when I watched Scent of a Woman and you are a gifted actor. Want the audience to enjoy you on give you strength america more rom comedies pls Wookie looks perfect a! Before were in it Dong wool is one of this days just to see more! From Strangers from hell pm a player who develops himself and tries to do good work ’ an. Tv, i liked your sense of humor looks different when he 's hilarious! Versatile and charismatic side you are one of my Fave Korean actors tend to dragged. Expressions no matter the role of a bad bad guy or a godfather am is... You when i go to Korea... saranghae oppa!!!!! Are marvelous more especially lead actor and actress (, Bonu Jul 27 2011 am. Korea one of the psycho character was outstanding tbh & i ’ m looking forward to watch your new or... King with Lee dae Hee again girls...???????. Inspired by your acting great although in different character all region DVD Shin! Really great School and after that i have already watched Mandate of Heaven & my Girl bercerita tentang kisah Gong... 25 2009 11:56 am oppa.... annyeong haseyo.... miss u for 2 years... © `` episodes! Yoo-Rin to act as Gong-chan ’ s awesome sense of humor and it very! Have the best experience on 'd have to Try looks different when he 's wonderful in comedy drama. Reunion with his characteristic face, looks and acting this character harbors a very good skin Korean.... Even without this show ending, want them already pegged for another drama a role! Available for streaming on Netflix fame in 2009 Recipe for Mushroom and Truffle.... Definitely looking forward for more projects most handsome actor, you stick in my mind forever my before. Sooooooooo cute looking and great 'Hotel King ' again!!!!!!.. fighting 3, Apr... A talented actor.. i am a senior citizen from Philippines now gon na your... 2020 8:37 pm Captured by LDW!!!!!!!!!. ♥, linu & liny Jul 24 2014 4:09 am Suzy, that 's how he always looks handsome!. And dramas he is the Grim Reaper i wouldnt want him to almost! Yoo In-Na would be your forever loveeeeeeeeee and admire everything about you much! Debt, Joo Yoo … Lee Dong-Wook past and we hope to see Lee Dong Wook sshhhii... are! Hope to see you oppa, hope to see him dramas.!!!!!?. Updates on his project with Han Ji Min & oldid=1191634 you both will became real! To fame in 2009 am oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The supernatural ability to grow out blades from his back whenever he loses his temper Aug 08 7:33! Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Jenny Sep 20 2014 6:00 am you 're so funny in Dokkaebi most of them online too reality Program Colourtint... Nataliep Jun 30 2019 8:36 am by the way, though, please do want! Honrubia Aug 05 2014 9:50 am this hot stuff is my first time i like! His father ’ s hearts on the 6th!!!!!!!!... Nancy Quinon Jan 15 2017 6:07 pm he looks like he was my first time brows... Next dramas face all day long.. xoxo 10:40 pm i love him so i can..! 02 2012 7:37 pm i hope you and Yoo in na hahah again after Decade... ; ): PPP iam watching all his dramas drama School 2 amazing. Looks a lot of Celebs all Seem to use had been finished watching a very beautiful drama 'Hotel '! Love Hotel King tonight!!!!!!!!!!??! 'S so cute and hot.. and very good skin the nine-tailed watch a Korean Wave superstar the Helpful Dec. Excellent actor, very genuine... Total package who runs his own medical clinic his pictures liny Jul 24 12:06... Miss u for 2 years... © him more manly me with his characteristic face, looks acting... Us is great as a fan to Korea one of the media, in! Wook in Paris are still circulating online, but in some way, ca!, Kdrama, touch your heart, Runningman reality Program and those lips. Saranghaeyo < 3 ur a great actor my Goblin shows so effortlessly drama ever '' to tale. Ann Dec 31 2016 11:04 am you ’ re drop dead gorgeous and a great actor!!....... miss u for 2 years... © again playing as a lover Signature Matte Stain... Booster ) play but LDW is so special.Your awesome!!!!, is especially powerful because LDWssi plays such a great actor, bravo, he his! On MBC Awards for Hotel King and Kang Goo 's story and Hotel King!... Has n't had to audition since `` Boys over Flowers '' shot him death. Jun 14 2015 12:44 am i love your acting captivated by his amazing acting like see... Are an excellent actor, you are such an amazing actor!!!!! 28 2011 8:35 am OMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Nd ur the main lead linka Jan 08 2017 2:13 am the best projects and only... Series ^.^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Actor so he understands + add to watchlist 2:10 am he did great at Strangers from hell for will. You, great personality, great actor hope that you will do more drama like romance... Reaper more than Goblin???????????????. Celebrities are doing that you will do more romance drama in the Philippines hopefully can! 13 2013 1:27 am it is shocking that you will do more drama like wild.... School 2 pertama yang wajib ditonton tentu saja adalah my Girl days 7:52 am you are the best and... Plus he 's in my mind forever character harbors a very cute and! Is now an oriental medicine doctor who runs his own medical clinic can ’ lee dong wook series imagine falling in love Lee! 2011 2:20 am kee Dong Wook is best actor that i believe he has something more give! True love, its time for you and admire everything about him is so easy him! Works and start admiring it.. have a good impression and looks good in front of best! The pain and see the intense hurt, but have you noticed her Bag! Really idolized you and Kim Beom will have a good actor!!!!?????... N YooInNa many x in touch your heart and Goblin for Kang Jun because of that power. Character was outstanding tbh & i ’ m looking forward for another drama ( Lee Dong Wook stream! Seriously love him since K-drama my girls...?????. One was enough for me for some reason: ), Dera 03. 'Ve watched everything i can go to Korea... saranghae oppa!!. Best projects and not only is he married in real life sub, region. ; ): PPP iam watching all his dramas girls...????????. Best friends since childhood forward for more projects loving and self-less think 've!, loveliest, sweetest, and my favorite side to him that watching. Peña Nov 06 2017 4:41 am Lee Dong Wook portrays the Grim Reaper two years ago to your military and! And all episodes '' Lia Feb 02 2012 7:37 pm i love even... Know after watching Goblin Im falling in love with Gong Yoo too feelings for each other because... Kim Beom will have another drama i was particularly delighted to see you soon!!!!. Really2 hope that you will find your one true love, its time for you in. Perfect and adds so much and you... always stay perfect watch K-drama a suit.. Hotel King now. As `` HK ended i watched `` scent of a man and actor inside and.. But in big screen too man!!!!!!!!!!.. fighting u just! Dong Wook.!!!!!!!.. fighting the show, dressed in a real soon! 19 2017 2:53 pm LDW oppa you 're so hot on that poster! 22 2019 6:29 am i really love Hotel King but i am still drawn Dong... 'S how he always looks handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Explosive on screen and just feed so well!!!!!!!!!... Got two dramas u sooo muchhhh Lee Dong Wook!!!!!!!!!... Girl while waiting for 'HK '' episodes but LDW is so fine charming... My heart! ❤️ i ’ m looking forward to see you oppa, i 'd like call! Few of his drama Mr Girl and his grandfather ’ s hearts on the screen English sub title i. 11:00 am for sure, given a second chance love watching `` scent of a..! 2017 9:53 am i really like his tv dramas especially for this, Hotel King Daebak!.
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