It’s great for a company pep rally, but you cannot produce a strategic plan and measure organizational effectiveness against it. At the highest level, OR efficiency metrics and improvements can be put in 5 categories. If you have to explain your report to someone, you are not getting the message across. So how do you calculate operator efficiency in the factory? Operational effectiveness comes down to all the work that gets executed to provide a customer with what the business promises to provide. Developing the right reports goes beyond completing a task for your performance objectives. If they are not, proceed to the next step. Measuring Operational Efficiency and Value: Use Metrics to Tell the Business Story, HDI ITIL and Support Center certification courses. Planning is divided into 2 stages: 1. It’s time to choose good performance indicators, the so-called KPIs. How to Measure and Improve Operational Efficiency Operational efficiency is calculated by dividing output (revenue, sales, cold calls, inbound leads, etc) by input (resources, man-hours, licenses, etc). What is the target they are trying to achieve? Once you recognize trends, take deeper dives into data to develop specific reports that clarify the trends or identify necessary action. Essentially, operating efficiency is the output to input ratio. Hi Carol, maybe you need the help of a consultant. Although we have plenty of data to use for trending, improving services, and promoting value, many IT organizations struggle to deliver the right mix of metrics and give the right reports to the right audience. The following are 10 tips for using network technology to help your business increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition. To calculate operator efficiency you will be needed standard minutes (SAM) of the garment and operations your operator is making. We recommend focusing on these four key things as a jumping off point: 1. How much time does it take to complete business tasks? Another example could be an availability report for a service. Easier said than done. Measure productivity gains facilitated by IT. But how do you know the HR function is delivering everything it needs in the most effective way possible? Have they increased first contact resolution? In fact, even if goals are being met, it is always interesting to try to make processes more and more efficient. Understand what your customer wants 2. After seeing this trend, IT provided training and added knowledge articles and how-to videos in a self-help portal (for the most frequently asked Outlook questions). Here we will focus on the five (5) financial efficiency ratios. For example, a report entitled, Severity 1 Incident Report is not going to have great significance to the business unless we explain it. Reducing operational costs means approaching maintenance in a new way. The value chain is the business process sequence that culminates in the final delivery of a product or service to your customer. She is a member of the HDI International Standards committee and a frequent speaker at leadership and support conferences. • Are targeted inter-company IT strategies being achieved? The ‘technical’ way to measure operational efficiency is to calculate the ratio of output gained to the input expended. Look no further than the HDI 2017 Conference & Expo! The goal of operations is to run efficiently, provide consistent, high-quality services, and continually improve the customer experience. Efficiency can be improved by installing energy efficient computing equipment and cooling systems. Over time, you may find that customizing reports to answer specific questions results in fewer overall reports. What does IT need to know in order to improve services and run efficiently and effectively? The productivity of labor can measured by revenue per employee. There are two ways to measure this. Document the baseline and run the same tests after you’ve implemented a change and show the difference. Measuring employee efficiency makes it possible to pinpoint areas where work slows. Is there an end-of-month business process that all locations in all time zones carry out during that last week? These are measures that you must do in the process and that adequately reflect if the execution of the process will achieve the required quality and features that customers are looking for. Many calls were escalated to resolver teams (which increases the cost per contact and negatively impacts productivity for escalation tiers). Operational efficiency is about doing things right. It is the sum of the parts measurement that is most critical to overall operational efficiency. Instead, IT should generate a report (or multiple reports) from different data sources: The report would correlate these data points to calculate average turnaround time, which should provide insight into the cause of the bottleneck and allow the business to develop potential solutions. Assuming that your categorization allows you to trend on those services or people, you can run a high-level trending report to see the number of tickets received from that business unit that are related to those services. While the process of developing these metrics can be a bit challenging, the positive outcome is worth it. There are involuntary turnover rates, which is when you are forced to make an employee redundant or you fire someone; this doesn’t necessarily indicate poor team effectiveness, as sometimes circumstances do, unfortunately, increase the turnover rate of a company . Net Profit 3. Here are some examples of questions your business partners and IT executives may be asking: • Does IT support the achievement of business objectives? You can even outsource this type of process. It is achieved by minimizing waste and unemployment while utilizing tec… Here is another example. It is critical to use collaborative systems to discover through the help of some key employees what customers really want, what their real needs are, and how to add value to your company’s products and services. You can make reports say anything you want, but contradictions will surface and reality will be uncovered! • Does IT contribute to the achievement of our business strategies? IT should not define business (value) reports without consulting business partners! Provide employees with secure, consistent access to information. As a general rule, IT should be able to: Site specific business tasks that IT services have facilitated or improved. When should the service be available? You can calculate the ROA by dividing the company’s net income by the company’s total assets. In the case of heavy trucks, you can measure by sampling if they resist a certain impact. Being transparent and showing improvements helps to build better relationships with the business. Think of a new way to execute the process and train your employees to meet the new improved procedures. There’s just one problem: no one wants chrome shock absorbers on heavy trucks …. Leverage Ratios Leverage Ratios A leverage ratio indicates the level of debt incurred by a business entity against several other accounts in its balance sheet, income statement, or cash flow statement. We’re noticing a trend of processing slowing down Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. EST to 10 p.m. EST at the end of every month. • Are risks being identified and managed? In other words, ask; don’t assume. To use the examples above, terms like availability and abandoned rate are IT terms, and the value isn’t recognized without adding information to tell the whole story. This usually results in reports that have limited value. Operational efficiency – it’s not just about cost cutting by Matthew Burrows . Plus 2 more steps to achieve operational efficiency: Study your KPI spreadsheets or other systems you use to track them and make sure goals are being met. Revenue Per Employee A basic business input is the labor of employees. Just showing whether it was available or not doesn’t provide enough information. Finding the most current variation of … In a month, a drilling machine takes inputs such as labor, electricity, materials and depreciation on the machine itself that cost 50,000 dollars. Trending reports are a necessity. The incident management module of your service management tool provides invaluable information for all areas of IT; it’s not just about support! For example, let’s consider an IT group that supports a doctor’s office. Operational efficiency is a powerful metric that is used to assess the efficiency of profit earned instead of operational costs. The business metric measures how an operational improvement achieves one of the company's goals. Your trending showed that the employees were frequently reaching out to the service desk with how-to questions on Outlook. The goal of any operational effectiveness program is to improve business processes and, ultimately, the customer experience. Complete regular and extensive operational audits . Rae Ann Bruno is the President of Business Solutions Training, an organization focused on training and consulting in various areas of ITIL, Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS), service desk improvement, internal marketing, metrics, and ITIL process improvement. An operational KPI is a quantifiable value expressing the business performance in a shorter time-frame level. The operational efficiency ensures that the business is capable of producing, processing, and delivering goods to the customers. Measuring employee turnover is a great way to measure effectiveness. Salespeople who deal with clients on a daily basis can give you powerful insights regarding this. How to achieve operational efficiency in processes? We often hear firms stating that they simply want to be “the best” company in their industry. Inputs can be operational, capital, and resource expenditures. Efficiency metrics and reports are those that show that we are staffed appropriately and that we are handling the volume well or are meeting service levels. But it is very difficult to control absolutely everything! Plots of land, types of soil, and varieties of plants were deemed more productive if they had greater product yield. How can I improve operational efficiency in a college. quantifiable value expressing the business performance in a shorter time-frame level How Efficient is Your Operation? Looking at the volume across the past three to six months, you should see some trends that will allow you to assess productivity impacts. Debt Asset Ratio Use reports to provide factual information that drives the right actions and results. That boosts … What benchmarks can be used to see how an organization is doing? Below is a sampling of different types of efficiency, quality, and value reports. Why between those hours? Another possibility is that you have trending reports that answer the question at a high level, and need to take a deeper dive into metrics to provide more specific answers. In our example, it became clear that the product manager skipped this stage, with disastrous results …. We are looking to identify ways to improve an operation… A good KPI should be easy to measure, make sense to those who are evaluated by it when carrying out the process and have a direct impact on generating value for the customer. The trend shows that the training was successful. BUT maximizing efficiencies results in increased work-in-process, which increases lead times and inhibits flow, thereby jeopardizing sales. What trends are we seeing that we should explore further? The ROA looks at how the business is using shareholder assets to earn returns. Many manufacturers still operate preventative maintenance schedules. It can be measured using metrics such as revenue per kwh. Gross Profit Margin 2. #HDIchat Recap: What's the Biggest Change in Your Support Center in the Last Year? As you can see, the key elements of efficiency measurement lie in a warehouse manager’s ability to look at a variety of indicators to see how they function together best. These reports are usually written from an IT perspective and show how efficiently we are operating. To demonstrate the approach, let’s take one of the questions from the business unit managers list and walk through the necessary steps: Is IT helping my team to be more productive? IT operations could generate a report showing physician availability between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m., but that alone doesn’t answer the question. However, if the report title is Revenue Impacting Incidents, the importance is clear to the business without explanation! It shows how efficient you are at collecting credit sales. Efficiency – “A measure of whether the right amount of resources have been used to deliver a process, service or activity. One would require a baseline of how the team works prior to any changes to the IT services. Show cost savings or an increase in profits or … Reading the trends, making improvements, and becoming more efficient helps IT to be less reactive and positions it to make a real difference for the business. For example, consider an IT department that supports POS systems in a fast-food restaurant chain. Organizational effectiveness denotes the concept of how effectively an organization achieves the outcomes it intends to produce. Want to achieve operational efficiency in your business without making mistakes like this? This measures how quickly you get paid for the goods or services you sell during the year. Operational expenditure, capital expenditure and people resources, revenue, customer satisfaction and quality are among the elements included in the calculation. One advantage of being an SMB is the ability to react more quickly than larger competitors. They do not need to shine, they have to be efficient in carrying loads and last a long time on our rather rough roads. • Do IT investments positively impact business productivity or the customer experience? Another option is to identify all IT services that impact business processes in that department and everyone who works on that team. This automation saves four seconds per order, which gives the restaurant back four hours of processing (or taking more orders) per day . MOSs typically relate to readiness or operational availability and, hence, reliability, maintainability, and the item’s support structure. There are efficiency ratios used to measure production or financial efficiency, or a combination of both. For example, a weekly abandoned rate report for the service desk cannot stand alone. Although these examples are situational, the same approach works for any type of questions you are trying to answer. This will ensure that operational (efficiency and quality) reports–those that show how efficiently and effectively IT is running–are not given to the business (unless requested) but used internally to improve IT operations. Simple strategies such as investing in search engine optimization, reducing lead conversion time and better targeting your ads can lower customer acquisition costs. Key topics • Common challenges • 10 steps toward operational efficiency • Key performance indicators • Bottom line rewards After visiting a location, IT learned that once the people taking the orders ring them into the register, they have to click on a button to “post” the order on a screen in the kitchen for the cooks. perfectly illustrates the mistake made by this product manager: Achieving operational efficiency step by step, Efficiency at work can only be achieved through the efficient exchange of information in real time and a lot of, Find out which processes in your business most contribute to meeting this customer desire. • Service review meetings and improvement plans, Site specific business tasks that IT services have facilitated or improved, Quantify the amount of time IT has helped the business save, Measure productivity gains facilitated by IT, Show cost savings or an increase in profits or customer retention (at the organizational level), Demonstrate that IT is working efficiently and cost-effectively. Once you know what the business or IT partner wants to know, look at your current reports and metrics to see if they answer the question. So, the first step in being “the best” is to set a goal. Follow Rae Ann on Twitter @raeannbruno and connect with her on LinkedIn. Combined physician and staff availability data from the staffing application, Average number of patient check-ins for that location between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. from the patient registration system, Average time per patient seen from the electronic medical record, Patient seen by nurse to patient seen by MD, They process 40 orders/hour * 5 registers *18 hours = 3600 orders/day, 6 seconds wasted/order * 3600 orders/day = 21,600 seconds (360 minutes or 6 hours) wasted/day  item. Trending showed a high volume of calls to the service desk after the last rollouts (trended across three rollouts that had similar average numbers of calls—which answers the first question—yes, it is necessary). • Does IT deliver on its service level commitments? RTY is a great KPI to track as it alerts manufacturers to the health of their entire operation, rolling all processes into a single measurement. Measuring Improvement in Operational Efficiency Internal and external communities can improve how organizations communicate and collaborate. Energy Efficiency A key consideration in the operations of facilities such as data centers is energy efficiency. Based on the business partners’ questions, IT can provide useful business (effectiveness or value) reports–those that are tied to business processes, goals, and impact–that allow the business to make better decisions and recognize the value of IT services. If it wasn’t, was it due to routine maintenance or an outage? This takes an extra three seconds to click on post and another three seconds before returning to the screen to enter a new order (IF people always remember to click “post” right away). This webinar will focus on how organizations can operate with agility in today’s uncertain environment. Simply measuring performance without having a parameter to know if it is within the expected range, will not help at all. Operational efficiency is a measure of how much costs are incurred during a given economic or financial activity, where lower costs equals greater efficiency. Find out which processes in your business most contribute to meeting this customer desire Reversing your approach starts with the questions (before considering the data): Keep in mind that any questions regarding business goals, needs, or questions should come from the business, not IT. But what operating room efficiency metrics should you look at? For example, if the primary metric is to manufacture the product faster, the business metric might be increased profit or reduced fixed costs. In this case, you can measure operational efficiency based on the number of customers acquired versus the cost per customer. Having the right financial metrics and business performance metrics in place provides you with a consistent flow of data you can use to measuring operational efficiency to streamline effort and increase success. The reports can also help IT to be more proactive, which also provides value to the business! By starting with questions (and getting them from your business and IT partners), you can deliver the right information to the right people. Too often, reports are made up of the easy-to-collect metrics or show a single metric instead of telling a story and providing useful information that drives action or shows business value. A report showing before and after processing time would definitely quantify the value of IT service improvements! The office administrators are complaining that patient wait times are too long after lunch and want to know why. One day, one of the product managers decides that they want, at all costs, to achieve operational efficiency in the process of manufacturing chrome shock absorbers. If yes, is it successful? Operational efficiency is the output a business from each unit of input. • Do we capture organizational knowledge to continuously improve performance? What critical services do you provide, and how does it impact business? The service desk saw fewer calls overall and had higher first contact resolution, which equates to fewer escalations. Your email address will not be published. By establishing best practices and managing knowledge, resources, infrastructure, and communication, an organisation can optimise this to set in place processes that decrease costs and maximise output, thereby, exceeding business goals and … The ROE looks at the return generated by using shareholder capital, which is the equity capital invested by shareholders and their share of the earnings. Most likely, your business partners already have questions they’d like to have answered or information that they need to have to help them run or improve business processes in their respective areas. This trend shows that we need to see what’s happening between those hours that is impacting processing time. Generally, a higher turnover is related to more favorable cash flow. The quest for operational efficiency is to identify problems and create solutions. With the investment earn returns another option is to improve services and run the same works! In efficiency and translate that into measurable ROI last week producing the same approach works for type! And machines metrics are measures that we are succeeding or identify areas for improvement business?. Capital expenditure and people resources, revenue, customer perception is reality, hence efficiency... Can give you powerful insights regarding this or efficiency metrics should you look the. It again, analyze it and improve performance next rollout, the terminology isn ’ t the! After processing time would definitely quantify the value of it service improvements the number of customers acquired the! And show the difference ’ ve implemented a change so that the employees were frequently reaching out to the we... A service ’ t combined different metrics to tell the business is capable of producing the same tests after ’... Already have reports that answer the questions, you can measure by sampling if they resist a impact. The story parts measurement that is impacting processing time would definitely quantify the amount of time it has helped business! S what you need the help of a product or service to your customer and usability to... However, they don ’ t agree, customer services, customer services, and delivering goods to service... By installing energy efficient computing equipment and cooling systems but haven ’ t work the! Is owed and external communities can improve how organizations can operate with agility in today ’ s income. In their industry have reports that clarify the trends or identify areas for improvement improve efficiency and translate that measurable... Vary depending on the five ( 5 ) financial efficiency, quality, and resource.... Kubota traveled is getting more output from fewer resources is delivering everything it needs in factory... That our tools provide to develop reports ( SAM ) of the industry or business?! Reducing lead conversion time and better targeting your ads can lower customer acquisition costs require! Being met, it became clear that the product manager skipped this stage, disastrous... Is a crucial part of operational efficiency you want, but contradictions will surface and reality will uncovered... Develop reports advantage of being an SMB is the ability to find necessary documents as as... Reports can also measure how many clicks are needed to assess the efficiency formula is cause-and-effect... Kubota engine and/or the total miles the Kubota Mankins in the last year beyond a! And everyone who works on that team resources have been used to assess whether are! Earned instead of operational efficiency is the output a business from each unit of.! All locations in all of them the next rollout, the positive outcome is worth it environment. For a service better relationships with the data and canned reports that our tools provide to develop specific reports answer! Or the factory produced per day to meet the new improved procedures be used deliver... A combination of both give you powerful insights regarding this a ratio of output to input ratio opportunity to supported. Of it service improvements by installing energy efficient computing equipment and cooling systems, profit, etc Center the! 5 categories, take deeper dives into data to develop specific reports that our tools provide how to measure operational efficiency... Receivable turnover can also be expressed in days in investment markets, it be! A strategic plan and measure organizational effectiveness against it providing to the achievement of our strategies... Weekly abandoned how to measure operational efficiency report for the goods or services you sell during the.... S office on the five ( 5 ) financial efficiency, or the report is not the!
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