You understand why employers ask this popular question, as well as what a strong response looks like. If you say you get stressed when you're given multiple projects, and you know the job will require you to juggle many assignments at once, you’ll look like you're not a good fit for the position. By letting yourself play out the … If you notice your co-workers are struggling with their … ", Interview Question: "What is your Teaching Philosophy? If you crumble under pressure, don’t say that. I passed organic chemistry with an A-. Sullivan commented: "Under financial pressure, most people do not and cannot think dispassionately until it is too late. It was a lot to get through. I think it is often a myth that people work better under pressure. Giving a good response may increase your chances of being hired. Even if a person thinks he works better under pressure, he may work better under normal conditions. The traditional theory is that, yes, people work better when under pressure and that deadlines are a good way to get the most out of people. It's inescapable- … A famous singer bungles the national anthem. They’ll appreciate the honestly and your willingness to acknowledge a weakness or area in need of improvement. I actually work better under pressure and I've found that I enjoy working in a challenging environment. In most cases, that stress isn’t fun, but it’s manageable. Yes, I work well under pressure. Her clients span the business, tech, academic, and nonprofit industries. Since the interview itself can be considered a pressure situation, answering this question in a calm and confident manner is even more important than for other questions. Help others to get through their taxing day. To be able to work under pressure you have to be well prepared. Share on Twitter. It also helps them get a better idea about you personally to see if you’re a good fit for the company. Reflecting on why you do the work you do or why your job is important can help lighten your mental load. When you’re under pressure, remember that the best you can do is your best, you can’t try harder than your best and unfortunately your best may not … Instead, I came up with a very detailed time management plan and found new ways to boost efficiency that enabled me to deliver both projects on time.”, Related: 8 Steps for How to Stop Overthinking at Work, “I am not naturally efficient under pressure, but it is something that I have learned with experience. We're all familiar with this question, usually the second or third one asked in a typical job interview. How you deal with both routine and unexpected stress says a lot about whether or not you’ll succeed in your new role. Share on Twitter. Exercise releases endorphins and forces your brain to take a break. You don’t want a potential employer thinking that you create your own stress—or worse, that you might stress out your colleagues. Check out our other interview question articles. When you join the professional world, you’ll encounter plenty of high-pressure situations, both familiar and foreign. Under pressure: four ways to cope when things go wrong at work Resilience is key when dealing with problems like failed projects, an overbearing … "I do handle pressure well, in fact, let me give you an example. I think that pressure does not affect me very much. Dana Guterman is a content strategist, writer, and researcher, specializing in higher education and career development. Feeling Lonely. This manner may help you gain the interviewer’s trust and help them feel confident that the rest of your answers are also truthful. But I believe that by simply reacting to a situation, you are creating the pressure. He gave me some great stress-management techniques. The interviewer might also ask: Interview questions aside, applying to schools, internships, and/or jobs can be pretty darn stressful—and studies show that workplace stress just continues to rise. The starting point of staying calm under pressure is for you to refuse to react automatically and unthinkingly. It’s the worries about the future, the fear of failure and remembering past failures that this situation could turn into as well. The problems can be from anything as procrastinating on a homework assignment to forgetting to pay the bills. Pressure is a situation that can have significant and negative results if you don’t perform well; hence, performing under pressure. Mention details, tell a story Try to use numbers, tell a story – why you experienced pressure, how you dealt with it, what you learned along the way. You need to show that you have a good record of working under pressure. "I enjoy working under pressure because I believe it helps me grow. It was a great book, and it taught me a ton about adjusting my mindset and coping with stress. During a job interview, it’s likely you will be asked how well you work under pressure. When I’m under pressure, I take control, stay positive, and move forward. Take note: we have 10 tips to get over this professional challenge. Once you have a list of tasks … Here’s one more example that highlights growth: Back in high school, working under pressure was really hard for me. I knew I had to get them done, and done well, so nothing else mattered. In this article, we explain why employers ask this question and how you can best answer it. Stand up straight and look the interviewer in the eye (but don’t stare). Next time you think to yourself ‘I perform better under pressure’ or ‘I work well at the last minute’ remember that it is just a trick your brain is playing on you. Here are three sample responses to the “how do you work under pressure” interview question that you can use to help you prepare your own answer: “Throughout my career, I have done some of my best work under pressure. Yes, I work well under pressure. They also don’t really care if you dislike working under pressure; they just want to know that you can manage it. How should you answer the interview question “What is your teaching philosophy?” Here are several tips and examples to help you prepare. Be honest, but stay positive. Do We Perform Better Under Pressure? If you are feeling pressured and stressed out right now, you can use a few dozen belly breaths or so to relieve some of that for a while. The interviewer will ask this to try and find out whether you understand that the job will put you in stressful situations, if you can deal with this, and how you handle pressure in the workplace. ", 5 Tips for Balancing Work and Family Effectively, 8 Steps for How to Stop Overthinking at Work. Even if you are confident about your ability to work under pressure, the goal of your answer is to convince your employer of that. My heart would race, and I would feel like every moment of stress was this huge obstacle to overcome. "I work well under pressure because I don't panic. In addition to listening to your response, the interviewer may also evaluate your thought process, previous experiences and your ability to formulate an argument. Here’s an example for a current student seeking an internship: Honestly, I’m someone who thrives under pressure. A multitasker may or may not be able to work well under pressure; the ability to do several things at the same time is no guarantee that the person will not fall apart under pressure. A colleague who was working with another client had the same deadline, but he had to take a leave of absence due to personal reasons. Life can be stressful. What’s the most stressful situation you’ve faced at work? It’s important to be honest in your response—but you also need to prove that you can work under pressure regardless. Share using Email. If you decide the pressure is unnecessary, you should analyze any risks associated with it. Instead, focus on how you deal with stress—and how you’ll continue to improve—rather than how it makes you feel. Sara McCord is a freelance writer and editor, who most frequently covers the career beat. In many cases, companies might look more at an applicant’s potential rather than their current ability. And if you’re interviewing for a manager role, don’t say, “I delegate.” Managing your own stress doesn’t mean adding to others’. If you’re an athlete, maybe this was during the run-up to a big game. I’ll do the same as your intern. If I’m under pressure at work, I know how to make it work. I was forced to take up both projects at the same time, but I did not let the stress affect me. But … Reading also relaxes me after a long day at work, refreshing my mind and making me ready to take up new challenges the next day.”. When preparing for the interview, think of a previous professional situation in which you displayed excellent ability under pressure. But I knew I had to pass the class, and I wanted to succeed, so I met with a school counselor. You don't feel it because the fluids in your body are pushing outward with the same force. And if the truth is that you do thrive under pressure, you still won’t want to say that you “never get stressed at all.” You can feel an increase of pressure on your eardrums. This was not part of the original scope and it meant that it would take extra work on my part to deliver it by the end of the internship. ... leading people to pressure themselves—may buy success at school or work at the cost of a substantially lower quality of life. There are plenty of resources out there for coping with and managing your stress levels, so if you’re feeling the pressure, take this opportunity to practice self-care. You might also provide examples of times when pressure actually made you work more productively. Be careful how you respond. Engage in brief but interesting storytelling. ” The pressure can feel overbearing when you have become disconnected from your purpose. In my recent internship, I was asked to add a new feature halfway through the product development cycle. Instead of reacting to a problem, I will review the facts at a heightened pace and respond to the situation with a solution all while keeping a clear head.” I started doing yoga three times a week. Before you know it, you’ll be able to honestly state, “I work well under pressure.”. You need to keep the end game in mind at all times. Decide which task is a priority and do not work under time pressure. Performing well under pressure is both a personal and professional quality and can make a difference between an average employee and an excellent one. This is due to an increase in hydrostatic pressure, the force per unit area exerted by a liquid on an object. How to think under pressure. It’s often not the work itself but what the work means. Think about what truly pressures you when you work. Most people who say they work better under pressure have not really tried working under normal conditions. I had quite a few exams in college where pressure got to me and I did not perform to the best of my abilities. Let yourself plan for the worst. You'll think more flexibly, creatively, and attentively, they promise, and your work will be all the better for it. Working under pressure is part of the routine of millions of professionals around the world in a wide variety of areas. Talk about how pressure makes you a better worker. But why? In most cases, the best answer to this question is answering yes. Exhaustion only makes stress worse, so aim for eight or more hours a night. Here’s the basic structure for a great response: Remember: your interviewer doesn’t want a five-word response. Take 30 belly breaths. Pressure produces a physical response in the human body. Instead, take a deep breath to calm your mind and then think carefully about your next words and actions. Visualize: This is something that you definitely tell your clients while answering the question on how … My heart would race, and I would feel like every moment of stress was this huge obstacle to overcome. When you discuss your past experiences working under pressure, the pressure itself should come from outside forces. Related: 5 Tips for Balancing Work and Family Effectively. How did you handle it? Since constant stress can have a negative effect on overall productivity, employers value team members who can find ways of relieving work-related stress. I find that routine makes us complacent, and I am always looking for challenges that push me to give my best and to quickly come up with working solutions. The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. When things don’t work out, not only do you have to be patient, but adaptable as well [4]. I both work well and not work well under pressure simultaneously. Being too honest. If you … After identifying (on paper) at least a half dozen topics … I quickly overcame that initial sense of panic, took a deep breath and collected my thoughts, trying to figure out the best way of working on such short notice. This really focused me and allowed me to put everything in perspective. Sleep Struggles. Now, when I’m under pressure, I do my breathing exercises, cut back on the caffeine, and remain calm. Mention details, tell a story Try to use numbers, tell a story – why you experienced pressure, how you dealt with it, what you learned along the way. One time I was supposed to deliver a project to a client in five days. No matter what happens, I’m ready for it. My whole class was overwhelmed. End on an affirming note: you’ll bring the same skills to this role. So the question basically is do you think people deal with problems when under pressure or not. (And if that’s the case, we suggest using some of the stress management techniques at the end of this article.) Describe that scenario during the interview, and explain the actions you took to diffuse the situation. Check out this example for a biology major: Working in a high-pressure environment can be stressful, but I’ve learned to cope with stress in a healthy, productive way. Let me take a minute to think about it.’ This gives you a moment to take a deep breath and collect your thoughts before responding. Counselors are trained to help students during difficult times—plus they’re great listeners. Their HR managers want to hear that you can cope with the pressure, or, even better, that you actually enjoy being under pressure. It was tons of reading and work, and it was hard. If you work well under pressure, this is a great answer: it’s clear, enthusiastic, and specific. When you’re under pressure, remember that the best you can do is your best, you can’t try harder than your best and unfortunately your best may not … Indeed is not a career or legal advisor and does not guarantee job interviews or offers. Imagine that everyone is watching. I got them all in on time, and I got three A’s and a B. 22nd June 2020. Share using Email. Not everyone thrives under pressure—and that’s okay. Those five hours were both intense and stressful, but I managed to create a powerful presentation. Employers want to know if you’re able to work efficiently in a demanding and fast-paced environment and whether you’re prepared to go the extra mile.
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