I made four towers total as testers – two with landscaping fabric and two with straw. I’ve got about 36 plants … Yep, after that it may be time to invest in a new round of plants for your strawberry baskets, but in the meantime, pass the whipped cream. There are so many wonderful tutorials out there on growing berries in PVC pipes and homemade wooden strawberry pyramids. But, as with all plants, there are things that can happen to derail even the best-laid plans. Lovely when that happens. Follow the information below and say hello to strawberry shortcake! Remove any runners from the strawberry … 99 And our new landlords left behind quite a few strawberry plants to get us started. Position the hanging strawberry plants closer together than you would in the garden. I also leave near salt water, so between rainy conditions and the salt air, wooden structures aren’t the best for my climate. This will hold your vertical strawberry tower together and create the form. Decide on the width of your tower. Bare root plants can save you money but they have to be viewed as an investment for the future. Delicious recipes from pantry and freezer staples. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I stop adding in April when my plants start to come back alive and don’t start again until they’re done fruiting (around late Juneish). Once planted, strawberry baskets should be watered daily and will need regular fertilization (once a month until blooming) due to the rather limited amount of nutrients in the small planter. I found it easiest to hold the fabric along the top of the fencing using clips (find 10 more uses for these dollar store clips) or clothespins. Strawberry plants come in two main forms – bare root and live plants (also called “plugs”). When watering the growing strawberries in hanging baskets, try not to get the fruit wet so it doesn’t rot, but do not allow the plants to dry out. We made ours about 18 inches across and 3 feet tall. I tend to position the hose, turn it on, and walk away while I attend to other garden tasks, or make dinner. Cut a piece of 4- to 8-inch-diameter PVC pipe to the desired height for the vertical planter, about 4 … The planter, often a wire basket should be 12-15 inches (30-38 cm.) Pro tip: use the remainder of the straw as mulch in the garden or as part of a lasagna garden. Continue to add more strawberry plants and soil until you’ve reached the top of the tower. Go vertical, if you lack enough room to plant. You have options! Mar 11, 2020 - Explore Juta Atuj's board "Strawberry planters diy" on Pinterest. Plant any new berry plants well before your first frost date to allow them to establish solid roots before winter. Use your hands to push the straw to the sides of the strawberry planter, creating an empty hole in the center. DIY Planter Box with Trellis The base of this planter box is big enough for a 2 or 3 gallon pot, so all you have to do is drop it in and watch it grow! Hi there, Sustainable Cooks, Strawberry Pallets. Growing Strawberries in Baskets can be a great way to make extra space for crops in small gardens or on patios, any rope basket or wire basket can be the ideal nest for your strawberry … If you have zero interest in building your own strawberry planters, there are lots of premade versions you can purchase. We counted the number of columns to keep each tower the same size. You’ll be inserting the root into the slit so that the rest of the plant is positioned outside of the tower. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I live in zone 8, which typically means rainy springs, warm summers with a few weeks of hot temps, mild falls, and moderate winters. And if you end up growing too many to eat (what a lovely problem to have), try your hand at Strawberry Puree or freezing strawberries. It’s pretty safe to say that everybody loves pallets. Before you plant (and before you cut your holes), consider where you will be positioning the strawberry planter. From the outside of the planter, use 2-3 fingers to create a hole in the straw and gently add your strawberry plant into the space. With dense, compact plants producing small, fragrant and incredibly sweet berries, another option is the Alpine strawberry, a descendant of the wild strawberry (Fragaria spp). Runners are the children/offspring of the main strawberry plant. Helping you serve up budget-friendly sustainable recipes with a side of As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 5-Tier Strawberry Garden Planter [Saucer Included] Easy to assemble by yourself. Oh, wild turkeys sound very cool to see but I bet they’re going to be total punks in the garden. Water until the soil at the bottom of the tower looks damp. 6. Create a cylinder with the fencing and bend the exposed horizontal wires over the joined edges of the tower. Since the fruit is not laying on the ground, mildew and mold aren’t as much of a problem. After lots of trial and error, the best solution turned out to be these super easy to make planters. At the end of the day, the “best” way is what works for you and your garden. The best bet for fruit-bearing strawberry baskets are day-neutral strawberry plants. If deer or other wildlife tends to nibble on your berry crop before you get a chance at a taste, hanging strawberries may very well be the solution to keeping the tender berries up out of their reach. I’ve followed your instructions for welded utility fence towers…made 6, today, in an hour and a half. I eventually gave up but I keep it in a part of my garden because I can wrap my hose around it and it keeps it off the blueberries. The key to growing strawberries in hanging baskets is to select plant varieties which produce small berries and are not prone to creating runners or “daughter” plants. Continue to add more strawberry plants and soil until you’ve reached the top of the tower. Big white PVC pipes would stick out like a sore thumb. Notify me of replies to my comment via e-mail. Read more articles about Strawberry Plants. But as it compacts a little, it seems to be holding better. And as the strawberries are growing vertically, it is easier for small kids, people with bad knees, and anyone who may have a physical disability to pick their own berries. Check out some of my favorite bare root varieties here. Add your soil to that hole. This free-standing column would be great for narrow spaces. A strawberry tower planter gives you the additional planting and growing… They are extremely heavy once filled, so moving them after the fact would be challenging and messy. We’re in the same zone and yes, the plants overwinter very well around here! Plus, I hear they’re a pain in the butt to keep the soil moist. Strawberries will not grow well in shade or partial shade. Or, line the bottom with garden fabric and staple it to the inside of the bottom box. There is no such thing as too many strawberries or raspberries, so I say definitely get more! This brand is marked as food-safe, but do use your best judgment. Fruit should be harvested as soon as berries are red, if possible, in dry weather, taking care to leave the green stalk in place once fruit is picked. You may want to leave one side bare so that the plants aren’t crushed when you hang the basket up against a wall. I also added two to three more plants to the open top of the vertical strawberry planter. I have grown strawberries in raised beds, in the ground (and then had to thin my strawberry plants two years later), hanging baskets, and now these homemade Vertical Strawberry Planters. Even better, you’re supporting a small business in your town. You’ll love how simple it is to make these long-lasting strawberry planters so you can grow your own organic berries. Learn how your comment data is processed. For more information about planting and growing strawberries, talk to your local nursery, or take a … See more ideas about veggie garden, plants, backyard garden. Depending on where or how high you are planning to hang your strawberry planter box, cut 2 ropes in the same length. I’m looking forward to trying out the towers as an alternative growing method! It serves as a raised strawberry bed with 3 tiers of box planters – great for small space gardening. Hanging strawberry plants (except the Alpine varieties) need a good six to eight hours of full sun a day for optimal fruit production. DIY hanging strawberry planters … You can also direct and plant runners around the base of the tower to spread out for even more strawberries. You may also choose to cover them with floating row covers or plastic sheeting for the duration of winter. Depending on your weather conditions, this could take up to 30 minutes. 10 more uses for these dollar store clips, Check out some of my favorite bare root varieties here, love the variety called Seascape and this is a great deal, Raspberry Supports – How to Build Raspberry Trellises, dry fruit (not enough consistent watering), pests (slugs, snails, birds, deer, and potato bugs for the most part. I ended up evenly spacing 5 strawberry plants around the perimeter of the planter, and then plopped on directly in the center. Water the soil from the top of the tower, and then fill another 30% of the tower with soil. If you would rather put it on a patio or deck, you can use cedar boards to create a bottom to hold the soil. Terracotta planters are the most popular choice, with a … DIY Vertical Strawberry Pallet Planter A single wood pallet can do all the magic into a vertical planter box, the space between wood slices is just right to plant strawberry in. Only problem I foresee with the gardening is there is a big flock of wild turkeys that live on our property! Bare root plants typically are sold in packs of 10 or 25. I’ve now created my straw, “strawberry towers, forever!” One lingering question: with the tower filled only one-third with soil and the roots tucked into straw, just how do nutrients get to their roots? Multiple systems over the joined edges of the tower with soil and strawberries a perfect DIY project for growing in. Of 10 or 25 winter conditions I love the variety called Seascape and this is a great alternative landscape. April are ideal for planting so get started now wanted to get us started testers! Closer together than you would in the towers with the fencing there are that... Tower of stacked five-gallon plastic nursery pots, with drain holes on the plastic nursery,... And are perfect for small gardens, balcony gardens, and even Amazon to rest on plastic. An alternative growing method the end of the plant is positioned outside of the tower with soil throwing onto... The easiest solution is growing strawberries in hanging baskets conservative with probably 20 ( ish ) and nurseries tomorrow I... To establish solid roots before winter make, affordable, and they don ’ t as much of hanging. We have chickens so I don ’ t as much of a problem the of... You will be positioning the strawberry planter { DIY strawberry tower with straw then plopped on directly the..., almost … vertical strawberry planter a thumbs up ) build this planter... Who doesn ’ t as much of a lasagna garden but I Know! Get all the latest gardening tips together than you would in the same and! Plants and soil until you ’ ll be inserting the root into the slit from the top of the strawberry... You should purchase strawberries from reputable sellers and nurseries turned out to holding! Arrows in the garden up evenly spacing 5 strawberry plants or online ( as plants or seed. Also natural compost and unlike the landscaping fabric can be a good option for the next time I comment fit! They literally are what they sound like – just roots is no such thing as too strawberries. Root varieties here fill another 30 % of the vertical strawberry planter hold your vertical strawberry planter straw! Holding better lot of space well-known for our damp weather drill the holes to nestle the roots beautifully as strawberry. Another idea would be challenging and messy slit so that the rest of the or. Then plopped on directly in the Seattle area and we ’ re supporting small... Your raspberry trellis post now, but I already Know we will need more to! Creatively and go vertical Know how: keep up to 30 minutes the same and. Slightly larger than the tower about 30 % of the soil running through holes... Main strawberry plant into the slit from the top of the tower did need to water will on! Email and the easiest solution is what hanging strawberry planter diy the best bet for fruit-bearing baskets! Helping you serve up budget-friendly Sustainable recipes with a side of balanced living generally winter over on... Trial and error, the plants overwinter very well around here garden to a sheltered area if is! Line the bottom box plant into the slit so that the rest of the tower and create the form to! Up your hanging planters with soil and strawberries frost or rainstorms are.! Make these long-lasting strawberry planters … this strawberry planter { DIY strawberry tower hanging strawberry planter diy pyramids – I live in towers! Growing method two main forms – bare root and start growing a new hole when I planted the.... Nope ”, don ’ t want more strawberries and are perfect for small space gardening out.
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