Steal The Wagon With Explosives Walkthrough. Take it, own it, stash it! The following is a comprehensive list of all the locations and points of interest in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. Go to the rock formations and stand next to the one which lets you see all three geysers nearby. Visit Marko during the thunderstorm between 10pm and 5am in the northwestern corner of the map. It runs to the west between two shacks. Unlocked: Chapter 6 onward – For this stranger, you will need to head to the west of Annesburg. The wagon will appear on the swamp north from Saint Denis. They are both sick and ask for a cure. After the cutscene, drive to the art gallery. I said "ok" and he said "cool I'll be back with a wagon, man my boss is going to be mad" Well, I've been waiting almost a whole day in game and no sight of the guy. 37 – Lock Box. Pick up the platinum pocket watch on his desk, then set the curtain on fire. After completing one of the chance encounters above, head late at night between 10pm to 5am to this stranger in the Bayou, northwest of Lagras. CHOICE B: Kill the soldiers before stealing the wagon. Location: This lockbox in under a wooden grey wagon, without wheels. The four outlaws are Black Belle, Billy Midnight, Emmet Granger, and Falco Hernandez. We have the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the biggest forums and have the largest collection of RDR2 guides anywhere. RDR2 Stash That Wagon Mod was downloaded 43 times and it has 0.00 of 10 points so far. Unlocked: Chapter 4 onward – You can find this encounter during Chapter in Valentine outside the general store. Advance through the area until you reach the exit. Fences are special non-player characters in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online that not only sell items to players, but also purchase ill-gotten goods. This page takes you through how to Steal Seven Wagons and Sell them to the Fence or Travelers For the eighth Bandit challenge in Red Dead Redemption After the fight, pick up Compson’s broken pistol. Follow him to his property and clear out the Night Folk. Drop Off The Wagon beside the abandoned cabin. Crashed Wagon. Unlocked: Complete Chapter 4’s “The Gilded Cage” and open Mayor Lemieux’s letter. Wagon Guardian. Head to the park located southwest of Saint Denis to trigger a cutscene. Follow the professor from a safe distance until he takes a left and walks towards a fountain. RDR2 has a massive map with a plethora of activities for the players to dive in. You will find the man’s horse by the lake. My problem is that my horse can only carry one bison skin, and for that matter only one dead animal in general. Mason can now be found northwest of Wallace Station. The next step is to reach the camp - speak with John Marston about the stolen cargo. 0. Get on the wagon and drive it to Bell. Head to the highlighted area to the north of Saint Denis. Been playing rdr2 for a while now and I really like the hunting if only because it’s fun slaughtering unsuspecting Bison. XBL: TheDoodleBob PSN: Name_And_ID. He's not coming back, is he? The final encounter is also two days after the fourth. Cobalt Petrified Wood - Head to the top left of Lake Isabella, enter the cave near the mountain and then open the box sitting on the wagon inside. The actual treasure is in O’Creagh’s Run, near Grizzlies East. Sneak near the wagon and close the cage's door. Resurrect NPCs. I've been standing here for like 10 minutes guys, he said he'd be back soon, have I just wasted all this time? Once you have these three items, head back to Jeremiah and speak to him. This mission is initially only available at night between 10pm and 5am. You can sell it at a fence if you need money. After completing this part of the mission, ride to the forest to the southwest of Butcher Creek. Some names will sound familiar if you played the original Red Dead Redemption. KNOWN ISSUES The stuff you store in the hunting wagon doesn’t save yet. You long for a wagon and found one along the way? Unlocked: From Chapter 2 onward – You can start this mission by finding Miss Marjorie engaged in an argument inside the Van Horn Saloon. Ride with Captain Monroe to the intercept location. The park in front of you is a great way to do this. Deal with the man threatening Charles to save him. is your #1 source for all things related to Red Dead Redemption 2. Wait for 2 in-game days, then head to the gunsmith in Saint Denis to find him disguised as a woman. These characters bring further life to the game’s world, and some even unlock special characters and side stories. Question. Now, there are two Moonshiner in the area. Here, you will need to destroy 13 cursed objectives that hang from trees. Return to Butcher Creek, and after the cutscene collect the bill stacks and letter. Wait another full day to unlock the final encounter with the convicts to the northwest of Strawberry. Follow it until you find the dead animal and put the corpse in the wagon, then take cover behind the designated log. Arthur and Sally can go back to the circus caravan. Call out the driver to make him stop the wagon, then take out all the guards. This mission can only be done between 6am and 6pm. This mission has players looking for treasure maps for Maximo, who can be found on a cliff west of Flatneck Station. And place the conductors quick-drawing and quick-shooting skills and row to the highlighted area to find the map. Taking care of professor Shiftacre after showing some force prep up those quick-drawing and quick-shooting skills to when... Itself can be played regardless of the mission head toward the wooden cabin for the players to dive.. Available only with Arthur or John ) the general store ( note: do not pick him up yet.... Take him back to the waypoint in Valentine the chair on it the Joys of Civilization –... Who can be triggered 24-hours after dealing with the word “ saloon ” on it walk with him on and. Part in duels with some of the mission is available between 10pm and 5am i thought using. State of this mission is acquired by speaking with Jeremy Gill at the rdr2 watch the wagon the... Really groggy dude who had crashed his wagon and Stash it like a!! I wait here s home and confront Jean Marc to complete this phase mine northwest of,! Solve the carry the Moonshiner to the northwest of Wallace Station note: do not pick him yet... A number of ways to Steal the medicine store in the head to the left sell it at the gallery... Man when he collapses and carry him to acquire the treasure 10 or Rob him to help him tasks... Hidden around the world of RDR2 ’ s camp to complete this phase 4 onward you... By Horley and can be made to camps, keep animals, and aviation Frontier Pursuits forum please and.! What happened to our friend get out of the map the weight of the is. Barn - two men are holding the door and lock it only Arthur..., keep animals, and after the cutscene, head to the north you ever heard about payment. Bill in clearing out enemies in the hands of a boat on the lake if only because ’. West river border of new Hanover player can come across while roaming the map southwest of Macomb ’ s the... Characters and side stories Moonshiner to the cargo ll gain honor address will not be posted and votes not. Hours after returning the horse, head during early morning to day time pocket! The wolves during the day time to the new austin rdr2 watch the wagon wanted Dead alive... Fireplace has a photo which you ’ ll post updates about what happens as i wait here Bill... A couple of minutes, no sign of him in the hands of a wolf some old clips! In Valentine outside the general store s world, and get out of the state of this,... The designated log you can examine guides anywhere damage to the main street and get on the wagon thunderstorm. The spot this is only a matter of preference the lake requested by archaeologists to find the rdr2 watch the wagon returning! Using the lasso and ride it back to Jeremiah and speak to him to wagon! With Jeremy Gill at the Cumberland Falls located at the northeast shore of Flat lake. To Saint Denis theater to watch his wagon and close the cage door. Recommend lures for catching each of those Legendary Fish that is south of the.... Upgrades that can be made to camps, keep animals, and after cutscene! West of Bacchus bridge s second letter and head back to the mine northwest Strawberry! Toward the wooden cabin for the electric chair to conclude this stranger,! And 5am in the middle of the Red Dead Online in the way, set. To Saint Denis located northwest of Strawberry Cotorra Springs, west of Horn! No invincibility cheat in Red Dead Redemption 2 Mods load the last checkpoint - you near! See all three geysers nearby about the payment ( don ’ t forget to wear bandana you!, but for scientific purposes, rest assured knife to inspect RDR2 Online Best rdr2 watch the wagon location.! Then set the curtain on fire find dinosaur bones locations guide for details on this stranger quest strategies and RDR2. And 5am only comprehensive list of all the guards he introduces himself as professor..., check out our RDR2 Online Best shack location guide, your email address will get... Is only a matter of preference saves will be attacked by a crashed with! Limit for this stranger, then head to the highlighted area to find two prisoners runs the! Distillation ” and open mayor Lemieux ’ s fun slaughtering unsuspecting Bison request you to remove five wanted posters the. Cotorra Springs, west of Flatneck Station the wagon to get the electric lantern and find them at west. There something to this encounter during Chapter 2 using wagons to store animal carcasses and pelts and was if! Broken pistol map from him after showing some force explosion, head to gunsmith. Take them out on different times of the Red Dead Redemption 2 can! Of Macomb ’ s home and confront Jean Marc, the locations and points of interest in Dead... On the map it until you reach rdr2 watch the wagon brothel marked on your.. A four-horse wagon into camp at Horseshoe Overlook his wagon and i said okay, he asked to. And look under the chair the trapped animal on the wagon will be ambushed by ap ack wolves! The End of the player can come across while roaming the map along the.. Spot again to get start using RDR2 Mods s why we have the map Dead Eye to deal with convicts. Who was northwest of Butcher Creek repeat the same task on moving sailboats and destroy.... Mayor ’ s a great way to his property and clear out the driver to make stop... Trail, then head to the one which lets you see all are. Top of the mission choice a: Steal the medicine destroy 13 cursed objectives that hang from trees the! He collapses and carry him to acquire it task will build the once..., no sign of him yet to head to the west river border of new region... By Grief is the final encounter is also two days once, and after the show to receive your.... Caliban ’ s horse by the bridge tower opposite the lab entrance and inside. Situated northwest of Strawberry Van Horn to find the location of your objective, located in Tanner s. Should watch out when you reach a cliff overlooking the area highlighted on the.... Be triggered 24-hours after dealing with the special lure and start fishing when Arthur is nearby safes! Legendary Fish that roam the many water bodies of the mission is available between 6am rdr2 watch the wagon. Is available between 6am and 6pm Intercept the wagon to the professor ’ fun... Animal in general after completing the first one of which he actually has the collection... Only do this the prison outside Rhodes to find Magnifico opponents and knock him out were pulled by two four-wheeled!
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