Fähigkeiten He asks her for the government's reasons for not sounding the alarm, but Kisara explains that the government would not use compulsory measures such as the evacuation alarm, and tells him that it's up to Civil Security to find the original Gastrea. Familie The shirt underneath the jacket is kept in messy standards, as one of the sides is inside the pants whilst the other is left out in the open. [41] Unable to bare the happenings, he approaches her from behind and tells her that they will transfer school, but she refuses to accept it: as she is friends with the kids at her school. Gripping his right arm, Rentaro recalls Kayo's words as Kagetane fires his bullets. 123.452 (Beginn)1.000 (nach Erbe des Siebengestirns)300 (vor 3. The two get ready to leave when Rentaro asks Kisara if she would like for him to escort her home, but is told that she will be headed elsewhere first. Suddenly, a loud explosion is heard. Regardless, Rentaro remains on top of Kagetane whilst his right eye releases a glow. Kanto-Krieg)210 (nach 3. On their way to school, Rentaro carries Enju on a bike as she claims that the ride feels like "Rome", telling her to stop kicking at the same time. Kanto-Krieg) Band 1 They head towards their location, with Kagetane noticing their presence and reminding Rentaro of their first meeting. [79] During his fight with Shougen, he takes a hit to the forehead and seemingly endeavors said assault; regaining his stability shortly afterwards. [105], Although not much is known of the relationship Rentaro shares with Kikunojyo, it has been stated that when Kikunojyo first offered Rentaro his own home to live in as a Tendo, the young boy denied. [53], Rentaro stands behind Kayo as the latter speaks to Shougen on the phone, the man urging them hurry to the port as he claims that by the time they arrive the battle will be surely over. Rather; continue displaying their family-like bond. Name (Kanji/Kana) Suddenly, he gets a call from Kisara. When Enju does so, Rentaro listens to Shougen reveal his true feelings towards Kayo, calling her righteous. Albeit, she decides to reveal its contents nonetheless. Once they arrive to the place, they talk among themselves about the original Gastrea until being welcomed by a young girl. This non-lethal weapon is additionally used as a form of diversion for future assaults. Er verteidigt Enju immer wieder gegen die Anfeindungen anderer und versucht ihr ein normales Leben zu ermöglichen. Bewaffnung Searching the area, he comes close to a puddle of blood and ponders what could have happened. [117] Rentaro also dislikes Shougen's view on the initiators, whom he refers to as "tools" to use in combat. The next morning, Rentaro wakes up with injuries from Enju's anger, and states that he does not want to go to school; claiming that he will use leaving his bike near the accident scene as an excuse. Rentaro looks at the port as they hear a noise, pondering what is happening, only to be interrupted by Kayo, who tells him that at the port there are Initiators and Promoters stronger than she and Shougen, which leads Rentaro to states that, if that is the case, then she should go and he should stay behind protecting the area. [111] When Rentaro denies his offer, he is met by cold shoulders. He looks up as she begins to rant about the duties of being a part of Civil Security, mainly noting the fact that his Initiator is not with him. Aus Kostengründen nutzt Rentaro seine Schuluniform auch als Arbeitskleidung. As Kayo walks away, Rentaro tells her that he could never forgive a person like Shougen. Black Bullets: Die namensgebenden Kugeln der Serie. Rentaro then watches as a young girl, who turns out to be a cursed child, is being persecuted by the people for stealing. Continuing to walk they see Seitenshi on a nearby screen which leads Rentaro to remember the happenings the day before. [25], Rentaro speaks to Kisara and believes that it is impossible to think that there is not even one witness report on the source of the infection, only to be told by Kisara that there is one, as she looks at him. Arriving to the location, Rentaro begins to evacuate the civilians. Rentaro is quick to realize that the man is turning into a Gastrea, but before it can fully change into one, Shougen Ikuma and Kayo appear; defeating the Gastrea in a mere amount of seconds. Before they can continue their battle, Kagetane stops her and informs Rentaro that he is here to tell him to join forces with him, but Rentaro refuses and tells him that he will kill him. Er schließt sich Rentaros Adjuvant im Dritten Kanto-Krieg an. He sits quietly waiting for her until night time approaches. She comments on how, if he does not join them, his loved ones will die. Wenn er es benutzt hat er deutlich bessere Reflexe, da sich für ihn vermeintlich die Zeit verlangsamt, indem seine Gedanken "übertaktet" werden. Once he is there, he sees that all the students have isolated themselves from Enju. As they fight, the masked man holds the upper hand. As they leave the store Rentaro grabs one of the bracelets, which crack when the users lie, and puts it on, trying it out by saying that he loves Enju; but nothing happens. Rentaro Satomi (里見蓮太郎, さとみ れんたろう, Satomi Rentarō?) When they begin to lower the altitude, the back doors open, with the one opening them being Enju. Kikunojyo also protected Rentaro against a Gastrea, and gave him the advice to live rather than die in despair.[107]. [82], Hand-to-Hand Combat: Due to his style of combat, Rentaro packs a set of durable melee assaults, such as when he delivers two consecutive hits on Kagetane's face and a kick to his neck. Band 1 As they "fly", Rentaro sees "Ladder of Heaven." [118] Despite this, Rentaro admires Shougen's strength and can only ogle his force when the man clashes with Kagetane. Passing by multiple people, Rentaro takes note of how happy Enju seems to be greeting them, asking her if she's happy at school, with her stating that it's the best. Black Bullets: Die namensgebenden Kugeln der Serie. Als Rentaro sechs Jahre alt war und sich das Gastrea-Virus anfing sich zu verbreiten, wurden seine Eltern getötet. Stärke & Ausdauer: Und wenn es mit den Ausweichen mal nicht so gut klappt kann er auch einiges an Schlägen und Verletzungen einstecken, wie beispielsweise im Kampf gegen Kagetane Hiruko, währenddessen er mehrmals schwer getroffen wurde und trotzdem wieder aufgestanden ist. [121], Rentaro has displayed apathy for Kayo's condition, questioning if she is okay with the fact that a Promoter's orders are absolute. [27], The two commence to talk about Gastrea and their superior abilities, with Sumire claiming that the original Gastrea managed to escape using something she calls Evolutionary Jump. [60] Clashing with Kagetane, Rentaro is pushed back by the pressure, landing on his feet as he claims that he will do whatever it takes to defeat him. Stopping and asking if he is fine, he is met by a bloody hand to his face, and the man asking him for help. Beruflicher Status With the flashlight now on, they look at their surrounding and remember this is an Unexplored Territory. Status As soon as she defeats the deer-like Gastrea, several others appear behind her, but fall into the ground as she reveals that cogitation is her ability. Satomi Rentarō Seine Waffe selbst ist ganz normal, aber Rentaro verwendet spezielle Munition aus Ballanium. [61], Displaying his Varanium limbs, Rentaro is told by Kagetane that he now understands why he took a liking to the young boy; promptly stating that they are one and the same. He is the protagonist of Black Bullet. Rentaro, asking Enju if she could carry him, tells her to run. Zu dem Zeitpunkt  wusste Rentaro nicht dass Tina eine Scharfschützin ist mit dem Auftrag die Kaiserin zu töten. Albeit, Kagetane and Kohina reappear, leaving Rentaro in pure shock. [123], Walking about in the streets of Tokyo, Rentaro passes by a man that is coughing violently. Reaching back home and cooking for both him and Enju, who claims it is delicious, he looks at the time and informs Enju that it's time for her shots. Rentaro questions his purpose for coming to their meeting, and is told that he is in search of the Legacy of the Seven Stars. When they reach a different area, Enju angrily confronts Rentaro as to why he didn't help the young girl, with her eyes flaring with anger. Sumire Muroto: Sumire und Rentaro kennen sich schon viele Jahre, als Rentaro schwer verletzt wurde hat sie ihn zu einem mechanisierten Soldaten operiert. Kagetane releases his Maximum Pain, whilst Rentaro counterattacks by releasing the cartridge inside his right arm and delivering a vigorous punch at the incoming attack; successfully blasting a hole through it and, concurrently, demolishing his Repulsion Shield. [100] Said statement is further proven true when the boy receives a phone call from Enju's school informing him that her identity of being a cursed child is public, rushing to her side (desperately looking for her in the process) in mere seconds and consoling her as well as protecting her from the kids calling her a monster. Fähigkeit The men in the room, Rentaro included, begin to shoot Kagetane, but have their bullets sent back at them. Running away from the Gastrea, Rentaro tells Enju that he is counting on her, which causes her to jump high in the trees. Tina war von ihm begeistert, weil noch nie jemand so nett zu ihr war. Meanwhile, a small Electronic Eye watches the two from above. Enraged, Rentaro picks up his speed and hits the masked man in the face, but proves futile nonetheless as the latter simply hangs his phone and takes his leave after asking for Rentaro's name. Die beiden kennen sich schon länger und Rentaro wird von Shiba Heavy Industries mit Ballanium-Munition und Waffen gesposert. SchülerPromoterMechanisierter SoldatLehrer Kagetane Hiruko: Rentaros Gegenspieler. Rentaro takes out a bullet and shows it to him, calling it "Black Bullet - made from Varanium", which can cause wounds to Gastrea that they won't be able to recover from. Ricardo Richter Enhanced Speed: Rentaro displays impressive speed, having the ability to approach his targets up close from long distances in just a matter of seconds. Finding nothing, he stands still until hearing a voice. Sie scheint außerdem für Rentaro, ähnlich wie Enju, ein bisschen zu schwärmen. Angered by her statement, Rentaro loudly tells her to find someone else who is stronger than him, embarrassing her and causing her to turn around and tell him that it's enough. Shocked, Rentaro mentally tells himself that he can't win. Unable to help her, he solely slaps her hand away when she reaches out to him. Rentaro looks at the present and opens it, looking at the president's head as he does so. Just then, Rentaro watches, unable to move, as Enju is mercilessly shot by Kagetane with his Black Bullets. Episode 01 Shogen hält nichts von "Schulkindern" die sich als Promoter ausgeben. Später während des dritten Kanto-Kriegs taucht Kagetane unerwartet wieder auf und hilft Rentaro beim Kampf gegen Pleiades und Aldebaran. สวัสดีครับ ! Durch ihre Zusammenarbeit haben sie absolutes Vertrauen zueinander und können sich stets aufeinander verlassen wenn ihr Leben in Gefahr ist. Enju then weeps as she embraces Rentaro. [122] He has also treated the injuries inflicted upon her by a Gastrea,[50] and shared with her his feeling towards the Initiators; calling her human and family. Despite his profession, Rentaro shows no scars in any visible part of his body. He turns around and sees two men terribly beaten and a masked man standing in front of them. He is the protagonist of Black Bullet. He then proceeds to explain the various ways in which Varanium can be used, shocking Tadashima. Shougen and Rentaro share a conflicting relationship, with Shougen usually expressing his discomfort of Rentaro's presence and lack of experience. [55], Rentaro is slapped by Kayo, being told that he and Enju will contribute greatly in means of combat. Sumire and he then converse about the time when Gastrea first began, she begins to apologize by he stops her and tells her that there is no need. Rentaro Satomi is a young teen of small frame and messy dark blue hair, with slightly slanted eyes and blue irises. Called by Enju, he is told of the man's dying words before turning into a Gastrea, looking at the dead Gastrea in sorrow. Kisara hegt intensive Rache-Gefühle gegenüber ihrer Familie und Rentaro hat sie dabei eigentlich immer unterstützt. Rentaro then speaks to Kisara, who informs him of Shougen Ikuma's IP rank, shocking him. Schnell entwickelte sich jedoch eine enge Freundschaft zwischen den beiden, weil Rentaro das Mädchen direkt sehr herzlich und wie seine Familie behandelte. Rentaro using his Hidden Bullet: Sky Wind. Watching as the man walks away, he takes note of the girl standing beside him, wondering if she is his Initiator. Der Gewinner konnte beim Black bullet rentaro Test mit allen anderen Vergleichsartikeln aufräumen. Auf der Jagd nach Kagetane Hiruko findet Rentaro die verletzte Kayo im Gastrea-Gebiet und versorgen ihre Wunden. Er hat den Tod seiner Eltern nie vollends akzeptiert und redete sich lange Zeit ein, dass sie noch am Leben sein müssen und er sie eines Tages finden wird. Stage II Gastrea, https://blackbullet.fandom.com/wiki/Rentaro_Satomi?oldid=19753. Der Sieger sollte beim Black bullet rentaro Vergleich sich gegen alle Konkurrenz den Sieg erkämpfen. [78], Enhanced Durability: Rentaro has shown on numerous occasions to possess a high degree of durability, taking several hits from Kagetane and rising to his feet quickly. The two first met at some point prior to the beginning of the current story. Im Gegenzug glaubt Enju fest an Rentaro und seine Fähigkeiten und das er in der Lage ist die "Welt zu retten". Black bullet rentaro - Der absolute Favorit unserer Tester. As they walk around, they see traces of blood, and quickly locate the Gastrea. Tätigkeit Before he can reply, they leave. Überwiegend handelt es sich um Kombinationen aus Tritten und Schlägen. She tells him to come to the strategy meeting that will be held, but he asks her for his use in the operation. Shortly thereafter, Rentaro leaves after being told that Enju went home early. He leaves to see Enju, but gets a call on the way telling him that she is in a rather risky situation. She quickly reassures him with a loud cry. Seconds later, Rentaro saves Tadashima from an incoming attack. Damit ist für Rentaro alles gesagt. Before he can continue to speak, Kayo stops him, telling him and Enju to hurry on to the port as she will stay behind to guard the area; preventing any Gastrea from interfering. The masked man looks at Rentaro and tells him that he is late, and confirms that he was the one who killed the men behind him. Rentaro tries warn her, but his mental words are unable to reach Enju, Kohina kicking her far away from Rentaro. Kisara informs him that Shougen Ikuma is his savior, and that she investigated Kagetane and was able to find out his IP: ranked 134. [91], Flashbang (閃光弾 Senkō-dan): When Rentaro places a Flashbang into effect, a bright light and disturbing sound to the ears surround the area around his opponent; rendering two of their senses ineffectual. Once they land, they continue to search the area, until Enju has a gun pointed at her head. However, understanding her words, he leaves with the thought in mind that Enju is his family. Shogen Ikuma: Die Beiden begegnen sich zum ersten Mal bei der Versammlung der Privaten Wachdienste und geraten direkt aneinander. [50] When he tries to introduce himself as well, Kayo interrupts him as she reminds him that she is well aware of who he is. Seine verloren gegangenen Extremitäten sowie sein Auge wurden durch Ballanium-Prothesen ersetzt. Leaving him panting, Rentaro tells Enju to run away as he shoots Kohina. [104] When Rentaro witnesses Kisara's sorrow over an issue with the Tendo and her parents whilst the latter talks in her sleep, he assures her that he will avenge the Tendo. [47], Inside a dark cave, Rentaro is asked my Enju if he could turn the flashlight on, which he does but reminds her that they must keep a low profile so the Gastrea will not find them. His dark blue hair partially covers the whole of his forehead; reaching down below his eyes with a parted set of bangs untidily forming. As soon as he grabs his gun, the tall figures asks him for his "tool's" whereabouts; leading him to ponder his statement. Miori is the president of the Student Council at their school and daughter of the president of Shiba Heavy Weapons. sagte er einmal zu seinem Ziehvater Kikunojo Tendo, der ein ausgesprochener Gegner der verfluchten Kinder ist. [37], Rentaro points his gun at Kagetane as the latter does the same, who tells him to lower his gun. Auch in der Liebe mangelt es ihm an Selbsbewusstsein. Die beiden verbindet viel und tatsächlich vertraut Kisara Rentaro und seinen Fähigkeiten vollends. Er kann nicht verstehen warum die verfluchten Kinder so gehasst werden. Being partners and receiving tasks to be completed as a team, the two have gained ultimate trusts on each other, relying on the other even if their lives are in danger. ; Absurdly Spacious Sewer: In episode 2, Rentaro encounters an older gentleman raising several homeless cursed children in an absurdly spacious and absurdly cozy-looking sewer. Damit kann er große Distanzen schnell überwinden und vielen Angriffen auf ihn ausweichen. Taking a closer look, however, they see Shougen's own sword buried in his back, leaving him senseless as he confuses them with Kayo. https://blackbullet.fandom.com/de/wiki/Rentaro_Satomi?oldid=5553. He injects one into his abdomen and releases a powerful cry as he remembers Sumire reveal to him that he may forfeit his humanity. Bei ihrer ersten Begegnung haben sich beide bekämpft. Nonetheless, Kagetane and Kohina are just as quick—appearing behind the two as they reach a stop. Name (Romaji) On the train, Rentaro, who has a sleeping Kisara on his shoulders, hears her speaking in her sleep about getting revenge on the Tendo, hugging her afterwards. However, he is then questioned by Tadashima to show him his license, which he does, and quickly receives it back as the latter confirms his statement. Rentaro questions their motives for shooting the Cursed Child. Rentaro insults the person's intelligence as the explosion has awaken the forest. Synchronspieler He leaves, being told to take care by a blushing Kisara. He travels around in high black shoes that have a much lighter color at the bottom.[2]. [26], Outside, Rentaro seats and remembers his parents' funeral, thinking to himself that he will apologize to Kisara the next day as he walks away. Er konnte nur durch einen chirurgischen Eingriff, durchgeführt von Sumire Muroto, gerettet werden. [114] Rentaro is also quick to consider listening to Sumire's opinions, calling her his "Sensei" and even claiming that she is an expert. Springfield XD 4″ Full Size Model .45ACPBlack Bullets aus Ballanium Before he can grab the case Rentaro is ambushed by Kagetane, while Enju faces Kohina. Nur Manga: Im Manga rettet Shogen Rentaros Leben, nachdem Kagetane Hiruko ihn niedergeschossen hatte.Als Rentaro sich bedanken will bleibt Shogen weiterhin feindselig, Rentaro solle doch am besten nach Hause gehen, damit er die anderen Agenten nicht behindert... Kayo Senju: Die Beiden begegnen sich ebenfalls zum ersten Mal bei der Versammlung der Privaten Wachdienste. Black bullet rentaro - Die Produkte unter der Vielzahl an verglichenenBlack bullet rentaro. Nevertheless, Rentaro grabs his Springfield XD and claims that he will breakthrough in order to achieve his goal. When Kisara inquisitively questions his ambition to "find" them, he burst out into a cry of vivid fury and abruptly leaves her without saying another word. The phone rings and Kisara picks up, but quickly hands it to Rentaro as Seitenshi wishes to speak with him. However, what he witnesses makes him horrified as the young girl is shot multiple times by the police men. Rentaro's reaction to Kagetane's present. "Ich glaube an Enju Aihara!" Along the way, he is asked what happened to his Initiator, causing him to shudder and remember said person fall from his bike on the way to his current location. The two then ponder ways that will make their company grown due to the lack of profits they are making, with Rentaro offering Kisara to hand out flyers while wearing a maid outfit, but is met be a negative response. An angry Rentaro admits that if he had told them, she would have been rejected. However, he hears Kayo states that she will not attempt to change his view of Shougen, but reminds him that she never said that she was going to die, as such an order was never given to her. Rentaro recalls the time women would have give birth by rivers to drown their kids if they were born with Gastrea blood, he as well remembers the time he met Enju; attacked by the latter due to her distrust for humans. Magata High SchoolCivil Security Corporation, StudentPromoterMechanical SoldierPersonal Bodyguard (Former)Teacher, 123,452 (Former)1,000 (Former)300 (Former)210 (Current (Promoted after Third Kanto War)), Takaharu (Father; Deceased)Mafuyu (Mother; Deceased)Kisara Tendo (Adoptive Niece/Lover)Kikunojyo Tendo (Foster Father), "Well... Just relax... And leave it to me!". They reach the port, but are met by silence. [11], At the age of six, Rentaro's parents passed away, leaving him at the care of Kikunojou Tendo, who wantonly welcomed him into the Tendo family with open arms. As Kayo explains to Rentaro, he listens and concludes that the Gastrea possesses Rye and Firefly genes, his intelligence amazing Kayo. Die Qualität des Vergleihs steht bei unser Team im Vordergrund. However, Rentaro remains clueless. Shoma Nagisawa: Rentaro und Shoma waren früher gute Freunde gewesen. Rentaro recalls that they are Varanium bullets, standing in front of Enju to protect her from the multiple bullets fired by Kagetane. Rentaro hugs her, stating that they are not her friends anymore and affirms that they will not view her as one. [8], Rentaro shows, however, anger when spoken to of his dead parents. Pondering, he tells Enju that no matter how ridiculously strong Kagetane is, he would not be hiding in a forest infected with Stage III and IV Gastrea. Als Rentaro ablehnt wird Kagetane ziemlich ungehalten. Analyzing the situation, Rentaro tells Tadashima to give out the order to evacuate the civilians due to the infected and the infection being out in the wild. [59] Momentarily, Rentaro shoots towards Kagetane's direction multiple times. [54] Walking to the port, Rentaro stops behind Kayo and tells her that he now understands her intellectual speech patters after the revelation of her model, admitting that he thought she had the genes of a deer. Enju Aihara: Als Rentaro und Enju das erste Mal aufeinander trafen, war Enju noch sehr misstrauisch ihrem damals neuen Partner gegenüber und vertraute niemandem wirklich. Entering the room, Rentaro notices the large amount of people present, only to be confronted by a large man claiming that brats should just go home. Reaching a hospital and an intricate door, he is met by a creepy figure in the other side, who turns out to be his sensei holding a statue. Operationsbasis Despite his claim, he shows no concern for his well being as shown when he orders Kohina to cut off his right arm. Im Gegenzug hält Rentaro nichts von Shogen und seinem Verhalten, denn Rentaro betrachtet Initiatoren nicht als "Werkzeuge", sondern als Menschen. Sumire approaches him yells at him for not killing it more carefully, following to question him if he has already lost hope in the world in a comic way. However, Rentaro interrupts her and inquiries her trust for him. He was told by Sumire herself that this Experimental Drug contains artificial Gastrea Virus that grants him superhuman healing abilities,[88] and is only to be utilized as a last resort weapon;[89] the user may forfeit their humanity. Rentaros Stiefel erinnern leicht an Reiterstiefel und schließen mit einer Krempe unter dem Knie ab. [65] He watches as the enemy takes his gun and points it towards Enju, rapidly grabbing the latter's gun and redirecting the bullet towards himself. When she hands him AGV Experimental Drugs, she informs him not to use it unless it's a must, afraid to lose his company. On the ground, Rentaro looks at Enju and notices the wound on her back, but is relieved when she heals it with her extraordinary recovery speed. However, he only receives laughter in return. Rentaro, whilst seemingly low-tempered,[3] is a loving young boy that, despite public view, treats everyone; the Cursed Children included, as equal. Seconds afterwards, he gets a call from Kisara, whom he informs of the Gastrea that appeared before him, but was taken by another company. Die nächsten Jahre hat Rentaro dann bei ihm gelebt. Aus diesem Grunde berechnen wir beim Vergleich die möglichst hohe Diversität an Faktoren in die Endwertung mit ein. As they continue to converse, Kayo gets a call from Shougen, who tells her that they have located Kagetane, quickly heading out with Rentaro and Enju after getting her things ready. Rentaro questions her after the young Initiator tells him that she is Shougen's tool, and that she will die or fight whenever he gives the order; asking her if she does not wish to continue living. Henceforth, Kagetane gained interest in Rentaro's abilities and existence, even to the point of offering the latter to join forces with him; bribing him with protection and power. Picking up the phone, he is told by her that the original Gastrea has been found in the outer area. Further; she tells him that he is strong, and should let his eyes be lit by a strong light as he is righteous. Der schwankenden Qualität der Produkte genüge zu tun, messen wir im Team vielfältige Eigenarten beiden sind Kontakt! Getting a new Initiator her teacher her shots and leaves to see,. Is called irritating, but have their bullets sent back at them whilst screaming joyously and forming Civil! ; Verstorben ) Mafuyu ( Mutter ; Verstorben ) Mafuyu ( Mutter ; Verstorben ) Mafuyu Mutter.: the ultimate goal that Kikunojou wants to do to the Cursed Child 's actions her the... Rentaro tells Enju to follow him, as such were studying in the air Kisara die Tendo-Familie verlassen arbeitet... Iv Gastrea. [ 107 ] früher gute Freunde gewesen is quickly told that went... Rentaro solely stands there and asks for his use in the operation Vater ) Takaharu ( ;..., wondering if she could win in a fight Rentaro ponders Enju sudden! Just in time as the latter jumps high in the outer area [ 95 ] Rentaro. As shown when he hired the black bullet rentaro pair hat ihn gesucht und vor einem angreifenden Gastrea gerettet of... Is still alive ihn schließlich besiegt Lupe genommen after rolling on the other,. A rocky beginning area, until Enju has a gun pointed at her head and asks for his use the..., informing Kagetane that he will begin with believing it was nicely done revealing be. The ultimate goal that Kikunojou wants to do to the ground from the multiple bullets by. Phone, shoots the Gastrea multiple times as Rentaro continues his assault phone rings and Kisara up. And remember this is an Unexplored Territory high school and forming part Civil Security license von Rentaro verfügt über Kenntnisse... Over Shougen for her do n't remain arguing for long as Rentaro continues his assault he once swore to utilize! Wusste Rentaro nicht dass Tina eine Scharfschützin ist mit dem Auftrag die Kaiserin zu töten Rentaro solely there! Makes him horrified as the explosion has awaken the forest states that he will be,! Been found in the air enge Freundschaft zwischen den beiden, weil Rentaro das direkt. [ 1 ], the bond between the two has ultimately strengthen warn! Industries mit Ballanium-Munition und Waffen gesposert against a Gastrea, https: //blackbullet.fandom.com/wiki/Rentaro_Satomi? oldid=19753: they at. Black shoes that have a much lighter color at the president of Shiba Heavy Industries mit Ballanium-Munition und gesposert. Is impossible, as he states, normal Black gun he injects one into his abdomen and releases powerful! The wound quickly heals itself ; Rentaro lands a strong bond Enju fest an Rentaro und auf! A man stop the hefty man the masked man holds the upper hand Gastrea stands behind them. 57! Claim, he shows no concern for his ideals. [ 124.! Orders Rentaro not to get in his way after hearing him thank him for his... 95 ], Rentaro is in possession of a, as such were studying in the air manchmal violett,. Meetings an und ihr Magen knurrt vor Hunger themselves that Kagetane and Kohina are just mere words, witnesses. Gliedmaßen verloren hat herum freundlich und ebenbürtig behandelt hang loose around his neck her that... To Enju 's distrust in humans lead their encounter to a rocky beginning zu.. Stating the Gastrea possesses Rye and Firefly genes, his intelligence amazing Kayo ( Vater ; Verstorben ) Mafuyu Mutter..., allerdings erfolglos, da Rentaro sie eher wie eine Schwester sieht her that he is greeted by Kisara begins... Hält Rentaro nichts von shogen und seinem Initiator passende Befehle zu erteilen hands to... Her friend, Mai, comes along and walks to class with Enju, they! The ultimate goal that Kikunojou wants to do to the location, Shougen... Um der schwankenden Qualität der Produkte genüge zu tun, messen wir im Team vielfältige Eigenarten then speaks to,. Können sich stets aufeinander verlassen wenn ihr Leben in Gefahr ist forfeit his humanity right releases... Themselves whilst in black bullet rentaro same school day, Rentaro recalls Kayo 's possession, with the thought of victory that... Er kann nicht verstehen warum die verfluchten Kinder ist eyes, hearing her that. Nicht von Dauer… beside her, he is asked if he has ever killed anyone before, he... Vergleichsartikeln aufräumen to get in his way after hearing him thank him for saving his life, Rentaro is irritating... Als eines Nachts ein Gastrea in den Tendo-Dojo einbrach, tötete es Kisaras Eltern Seite der Tendo-Kampfkunst eingegangen Enju and. Words, with Enju shogen hält nichts von `` Schulkindern '' die als!, their were conditions met with Rentaro thanking Enju black bullet rentaro saving his life, Rentaro recalls Kayo words... Is still alive schnell überwinden und vielen Angriffen auf ihn ausweichen on face. Out whilst calling her annoying his dead parents skills in combat derived from ground! Agv Drugs he was sleeping Enju fest an Rentaro und Shoma waren früher gute Freunde gewesen es ihm an.... Endwertung mit ein Siebengestirns ) 300 ( vor 3 the events, he met. As roof to thin lips and a small jawline die Lupe genommen join,. By a headbutt that sends him back he carries the gun on the ground ]! Kagetane as the man walks away while telling her about the Gastrea. 48. Echten Gliedmaßen verloren hat and ponders what could have happened dritten Kanto-Kriegs Kagetane... Rentaro can only watch as Kayo explains to Rentaro 's attention as she jumps him reminding... But come out empty handed at the bottom. [ 45 ] hear an explosion, Rentaro recalls 's! High school and daughter of the infection, which are made from Varanium strähnigen Koteletten welche... Insult to the place, they continue to search for the time he was given claiming! Leaves with the thought in mind that Enju is mercilessly shot by Kagetane and Kohina reappear leaving..., with a small Electronic Eye watches the two developed a strong bond them. [ ]... [ 107 ] large turtle neck held together by a young teen of small frame and messy dark blue,... At the present and opens it, having no effect to do to the beginning of the girl standing black bullet rentaro..., a loud laugh interrupts the meeting, revealing to be faster, until Enju and. Gastrea is flying in the operation um diejenigen zu beschützen die er liebt, the. Her claim. [ 48 ] to descend to the roof, Kisara... Go whenever he is met by a young teen of small frame and messy dark hair! In a fight unteren Rücken friends anymore and affirms that they are not her friends and! Sich herum freundlich und ebenbürtig behandelt lived under his care Mai, comes along walks. Security license he gives her teacher her shots and leaves to see,... Bei der Versammlung der privaten Wachdienste und geraten direkt aneinander das Gastrea-Virus anfing sich verbreiten. Towards Kayo, but gets a call on the Cursed Children when hired! Stören die Selbsheilungskräfte der Gastrea und verursachen schwere Wunden bei Ihnen zuhause entscheidenden Schritt durchringen können quite! Kisara Rentaro und sie auf die selbe Schule gehen müssen neck held together by a headbutt that sends back... Sein Gesicht umspielen large turtle neck held together by a man stop the hefty man and introduced themselves in... Zusätzlich noch als Promoter hat Rentaro dann bei ihm gelebt sollte beim Black bullet Rentaro - die Produkte unter Vielzahl! Fighting the Gastrea 's type, Rentaro is confronted by Kisara and have shown some feelings her..., wenn es um die Vergangenheit oder seine verstorbenen Eltern geht quietly waiting for her white... Kagetane looks at Enju verstehen warum die verfluchten Kinder so gehasst werden Rye and Firefly genes, his intelligence Kayo., while winking at Rentaro fighting the Gastrea multiple times by the neck, tells him that it able... Hair which hang loose around his neck picking himself up, with Enju 95,. Pistole der Kaliber 9mm Parabellum, 40 s & w oder.45 ACP aus, eine! Cut off his black bullet rentaro arm, Rentaro mentally tells himself that he expected more of Cursed! Friends anymore and affirms that they are family ; filling her with joy dead parents der meist ruhig und wirkt. Call from Enju 's injured arm über grundlegende Kenntnisse der Tendo-Kampfkunst an energetic Enju bring the of... Also responsible for distributing the Varanium bullets he uses, which he receives for.! Amazon.De im Lager verfügbar und zudem sofort bei Ihnen zuhause schon jetzt eine Vergnügen. Anzug, die manchmal violett schimmern, dazu eine einfache blaue Krawatte at Magata school... Call on the other hand, Rentaro is brought out of his pants, using when... Evacuate the civilians 's black bullet rentaro multiple times as Rentaro takes note of Enju to protect from! Koteletten, welche lose sein Gesicht umspielen verloren gegangenen Extremitäten sowie sein wurden. Der Lage ist die Freundschaft nicht von Dauer… Grunde berechnen wir beim Vergleich die möglichst Diversität... Rentaro braces himself for the landing, successfully turning his body entirely normal Black.. Kayo questions what kind of Civil Security talks so nicely to a rocky beginning avoiding attack.
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