esc Deselect all files (and hide these instructions) ... this key is on the left and right sides of the keyboard. Then hold down the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and press the “A” key on the keyboard to open the Chart of Accounts window. • Underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys. I think it's called the grave accent key. If you’re on a Mac machine just replace control key with command key and you’re good to go. Ctrl+Shift+G or Shift+F3 – Find the previous match of the searched text on the page. Alt + underlined letter Menu drop down, Action selection To then use this keyboard shortcut, click away from the Menu Bar drop-down menu to retract it. Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right arrow → Switch between virtual desktops. Windows key + Ctrl + D → Add a virtual desktop. Ctrl+F or F3 – Open the in-page search box to search on the current page. Windows key + Enter → Open Narrator. Keyboard shortcuts are based on application context, or focus rules. another core function is matrix_scan_user() This is provided in the specification. Windows key + Home → Minimize all but the active desktop window (restores all windows on second stroke). This option makes keyboard access in dialog boxes easier by highlighting access keys for the controls in them. Alt+Down Arrow is the keyboard shortcut to open the drop down menu. If the corresponding command is not available in the application, the shortcut is not active. Commands that use the function keys (e.g., F8) ... which is the second option in the right-click drop-down menu. I've just discovered a potential cause. If your goal is to become faster using QuickBooks, then learning the keyboard shortcuts helps. Alt+Enter – Perform a search from the search box in a new tab. Fn - The "function" key allows you to use secondary functions of other keys. Some keys on the keyboard have specific functions which you may not be familiar with. To use this shortcut: Select a cell in the header row. Windows key + Ctrl + F4 → Close current virtual desktop. Windows key + D Desktop to foreground . Up Arrow Select previous file (hold Shift to select range) Down Arrow Select next file (hold Shift to select range) ctrl + a Select all files. The right Ctrl key will be just left of the arrow keys. Special Keys. Navigation . Tab - move between items or move forward 5 characters (depending on the task).. (Ctrl+K doesn’t work in IE, Ctrl+E does.) Context menu Right click . It's a dead-key that modifies the carachter pressed immediately after the grave accent key. I think the Ctrl button has taken on a second function as the button that's just below the esc key and beside the 1 key. Press and hold the Alt key, then press the Down Arrow key on the keyboard to open the filter menu. #2 Display the Filter Drop Down Menu. The cell must contain the filter drop down icon. This substitution with work for the majority of commands _____ General Commands . Depending on how your Siebel application is configured, the browser that you are using and the focus of the editable controls, keyboard shortcuts might behave differently. Ctrl+G or F3 – Find the next match of the searched text on the page. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS (Windows) Note: For Mac users, please substitute the Command key for the Ctrl key. This function is invoked after every small period, to check the time passed after a key press registered as in process_record_user(keycode) (which stores information in KEY_STROKES), against the distance between the registered key and the targeted led key. If that does not work you may need to visit the web site of your computer manufacturer to see if they have some specific software installed on your computer that controls key functions. Therefore it should be quite easy to master them.
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