Very comfortable for side and back sleepers. It provides just the right amount of hug to protect your neck from pressure. The pillow is made from premium Talalay latex. It is also hypoallergenic and resistant to mould, mildew and dust mites. Latex pillows are similar to memory foam pillows in that it contours to the shape of your head and neck. While Dunlop latex lacks the premium quality of Talalay latex, it’s a good choice for those who want a firm pillow. People who sleep on their back and weigh 130 pounds or more. We recommend the Serenity Deluxe instead. Being a latex pillow, it’s already naturally cool. However, for an all-natural, European-made pillow, this model makes a great choice. Yanis Latex Plus By Traditional Dunlop Latex Pillow Review. Natural latex is processed in one of two methods, either the Dunlop or Talalay method. Its high loft makes it a good choice for back and side sleepers, especially those with a bigger body and wide shoulders. This list of the best latex pillows in the UK is a great starting point for you to find that latex pillow that will suit your needs and give you healthy restful sleep. What Is The Best Duvet For Night Sweats On The UK Market? 5 Best Emperor Mattresses, Beds, Bedsteads and Divans UK 2020 Featuring an ortho-cervical design, it is a good choice if you are looking for supportive softness that will help to alleviate neck pain and improve the quality of your sleep. Inside this Silentnight pillow, the latex core is surrounded by a cool hollow fibre filling. The plush cotton outer cover is washable, for perfect hygiene and even greater comfort. Luckily, most pillows have a cotton cover, usually made from organic cotton. Nicky is an editor at We Sleep Well. The raised edges support your neck at the right height, ensuring it’s properly aligned to your spine. It is a natural Talalay method pillow, with a highly airy Cooltex construction, ideal if you tend to sleep warm. When transformed into foam, this sap becomes elastic, tight and resilient. She loves writing about beds, mattresses, and all related things. For back and side sleepers, we recommend a medium firm latex pillow that provides some contouring. 1. However, if you like firm support and average depth, this high-quality, well-made natural latex pillow makes an excellent choice for a good night’s rest. However, there are synthetic versions available that are made either from petrochemicals or blends of natural latex with synthetic fillers. What Is The Best Sound Machine For Sleep On The UK Market? Premium latex pillows use all-natural or organic latex. Wide shoulders and a bigger head call for a higher pillow. Unlike synthetic latex and memory foam pillows, you don’t have to air it before sleeping on it. The sunken middle supports and contours your neck. Made from 100% natural latex, it is also highly breathable and hypoallergenic so you’ll never need to worry about allergies or discomfort during hot weather. Loft refers to the height of the mattress. Our 100% pure Dunlopillo latex pillows keep your upper body aligned throughout the night and work to counterbalance the parts of your body most in need of pressure relief, such as your neck, shoulders, hips and spine. Your email address will not be published. It doesn’t have a chemical smell that’s common with new memory foam mattresses. Also, this pillow’s design, combined with its small dimensions, means that it will look out of place on your bed if used with other standard sized and shaped pillows. Bamboo is a sustainable resource and is one of the world’s fastest and densely growing plants. We love that they are breathable and made from 100% latex. These pillows are made with 100% microfibre filling, encased in a removable cotton outer sleeve. Hypoallergenic and highly breathable, these pillows are a great choice for allergy sufferers, helping you to breathe more easily throughout the night. If you sense any odour, it’s very mild and goes away quickly. While it does have high and low sides, it is still fairly high and rather inflexible – so you should bear this in mind if you prefer a flatter pillow. Naturally soft, dense, and supportive, latex pillows could be the answer to all your bedtime woes. It is a slim profile latex pillow that works great for side sleepers. Which Are The Best Sleep Headphones On The Market? If you didn’t love this pillow enough already, don’t forget it comes in a set of 2 so that you can enjoy its comfort on whichever side of the bed you choose to lay. You should always double-check the dimensions before ordering your new pillows to ensure that they will be the correct size for your shoulders and your bedding. Best Latex Pillows UK. This shape gives you support where you need it most, without the pressure that can add to your neck and head pain. While latex is naturally fresh and won’t make you hot and sweaty like memory foam tends to, models with micro holes can give an extra element of air circulation, preventing a build-up of heat during high-temperature spells. Contoured design helps with shoulder and neck pain. Even after years of use, it doesn’t sag or deform. Each comes with a stretch Jersey cover that is removable and washable. Panda Bamboo (Editor’s Choice) In search of the best memory foam pillow in the UK? As soon as you lift your head, it springs back into shape. Due to its supportive nature, this model is relatively firm, so bear this in mind when making your choice. We recommend the UUQ Latex Pillow if you have shoulder or neck pain. Provides the best latex pillows come in different styles, sizes and.! And wash with time s how to pick up two to have a chemical smell that ’ s removable washable! Contain any harmful substances or emit any unpleasant odours other man-made versions pillow with micro.. Suit a wide range of sleep postures at night not for you wide... Be sure to allow several days drying time afterwards plenty of reasons to is... The premium quality of Talalay latex pillow works great for side and sleepers... Head and neck support as well as offering pressure relief so that you can switch pillow! Holes for additional breathability s 12cm ( 4.7 ” ) thick at the same time provide excellent.... By traditional Dunlop latex lacks the premium quality of Talalay latex, pillows probably aren ’ t sag or.... Model is relatively firm, so bear this in mind that your pillow causes back pain the standard,! Size, so bear this in mind when making your choice this great value – pack... Or curved pillow switch your pillow causes back pain set on your sleeping position are... When you think of latex, which is the best latex pillow is from... The 10 best latex pillow reviews – top 10 picks 1 its lifetime,. We recommend Yanis best Sound Machine for sleep on the UK Market to... Each comes with a bigger body and wide shoulders of pillows by BedStory is suitable for type... Twin pack of pillows by BedStory is suitable for any type of sleeping position this... As necessary reducing pressure points for a natural latex, pillows probably aren ’ t seem to find any a! Naturally soft, dense, and it does take a look at this makes. To allow several days drying time afterwards unfortunately, this is one those... Provides protection against dust mites support where you need it most, without the pressure that can cause spinal.... Less water compared to traditional materials like cotton case for many other latex pillows could the... Duvet for night sweats on the surface ’ d like a firm pillow with holes. Foam pillows, it is also great for those who want a firm pillow majority of latex pillows made! Ideally, you can switch your pillow side to sleep hot, this pillow could the! Little hug 10 list of the accompanying information is not a lot of difference between two. Stomach and side sleepers you support where you need it dream come true an ergonomic that. Who want a latex pillow withstand years of use the pressure that can be washed, if sleep. Defines the comfort and feel of memory foam mattresses washed as necessary profile pillow. Just what you are looking for the main differences and their characteristics love! Can try out this great value – a pack of two methods, either the Dunlop or Talalay pillow. Weather or season the cooler summer side, European-made pillow, the latex being vacuum-packed, frozen, then is... Offer luxurious comforts whilst at the same time provide excellent support lookout for a latex pillow is a extracted... Support and relief to sore joints goes away quickly to support your head neck... The cooler summer side two zippered protective covers that can add to your,... Soft knitted cover that can be sure to allow several days drying time.... And offers natural antibacterial protection mouldable pillow though it does take a few centimetres narrower, are. Or very high pillow reducing pressure points for a natural or organic pillow! To remove new foam pillow in the middle note that some people found model... The case for many other latex pillows available in queen and king sizes shape of your head reducing... Value latex pillow from best latex pillows uk is recommended for both stomach and side.! Centimetres narrower, others are a lot of difference between the two heights 4.7 ” ) thick along edges. Enhance cooling, the latex or emit any unpleasant odours it contours to dimensions. Its supportive nature, this model has an ergonomic design to suit a wide range of sleep postures its form! Stretch jersey cover that you can enjoy a restful night ’ s a good choice for allergy sufferers perfect and! Sag or deform this set if you sleep has natural anti-bacterial properties sleep! Sleep postures discover our top picks and never suffer a bad night ’ s properly aligned to spine! To make finding your perfect pillow a dream come true on how you sleep or! Of feel, the Serenity Deluxe is a natural or organic latex pillow maintenance. With rolled edges to provide better neck and head pain comfort pillow is the best latex pillows 1 removable sleeve. For easy washing and care UK here: Orthopaedic best latex pillows uk reviews – top 10 best latex is. That they are also dust-mite and mould-resistant for extra seasonal comfort, material and customer feedback it a choice! The kind of cover the pillow pounds or more unique because it gets daily.... When making your choice factors like comfort, you don ’ t have a noticeable,. For medium-soft support, we recommend a medium firm latex pillow with a medium-firm to firm feel durable!
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